Not much of a birthday…

Emmalumpdogg, you look exhausted!

Why yes, I AM! Mummy and Daddy took me in the car, and I cried and cried the whole 10 minute ride to the Vee Ee Tee, even though I love the people there, especially the new Vee Ee Tee lady who gave me lots of liver treats when she found out today was my first BIRTHDAY!

And then she took me on an adventure out to the back room to meet more hoomans, and have a manicure, which I looooove (seriously I do, I whine when Mummy and Daddy clip their nails).

BUT THEN the Vee Ee Tee lady was VERY RUDE to my bottom and the whole back room got a big smell of sardines, and the lady had to wipe my bottom a LOT with other pretty smelly stuff and ….

Well, I was told there would be pup cakes and party hats. NOT BOTTOM SQUEEZING AND SARDINE STINKIES!

image(Tomorrow, sweetie, tomorrow there will be pup cakes and party hats. We promise.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚β˜ΊοΈ)

Back from the vet…

Yep, the ribbon was definitely in the dog!😜 One $140 bill later ($70 for the consult, $70 for the apomorphine) and Miss Emmalumpdogg Barf Breath was released into our custody!

Tracking interesting smells at the vets
Tracking interesting smells at the vets


Oh well, she got her stitches from her previous misadventure out, so that’s a trip saved. One Greenie toothbrush chew later (her breath was baaaaaaaaaaad!) and some more supervised stick chewing happy time outside and she has now gone under the bed to sleep.image

Enjoy it while you can, Emmalumpdogg dear, Daddy has Plans to stop you from going under there to do your Evil Deeds.

And off to the vet, again…

Emmalumpdogg is a the vet, being made throw up. And it’s not even because she chewed up the inner sole of one of my slippers, oh no, she spat that out, under the bed, nom nom nom.

It’s because she somehow, after happily wearing her t-shirts with ribbons tied at the neck and tail for 10 damn days, decided to eat the neck ribbon of her shirt this morning. 18 inches of polyester ribbon. Might pass through. Might tangle in her guts. So vomit it is.


Emmalumpdogg and the world’s biggest Cone of Shame

Joke for the audiophiles: we got our woofer re-coned! (No, I don’t get it, but Mr Beloved laughed and laughed!)

Emma in cone

Poor Miss Emmalumpdogg! Remember last Monday she got an owie? We thought it was healing, but turns out it wasn’t. So back to the vet this morning.
Because Emmalumpdogg had been crying and obviously in pain, we agreed that the best option was surgery to close up the wound and make sure there was no underlying issue.

It took five stitches to fix the owie, and Nadia the vet said there was lots of deep bruising in the tissue. Anyway… She has anti-inflammatory meds and antibiotics, and gets the stitches out in 10-14 days, all going well.Stitches
She’s very, very drowsy tonight. And we are very broke. But what can you do when you love an Emmalumpdogg?image

Poor Emmalumpdogg!

Poor silly Emmalumpdogg gave herself and us a scare… Afternoon zoomies after her walk, she went chasing up our side yard and caught her side on a fencing panel that wasn’t secured. I heard her scream and saw her lying down, panting, and feared the worst, but luckily she’d only torn off a bit of skin (with one slightly deeper point) and grazed her inside back leg… Quick call and car ride to the vet 10 minutes away, antibiotic injection, and vet confirmed Emmalumpdogg was definitely more frightened than hurt. The worst part was having to wash off her wounds with dilute betadine when we got home… “That stings, mummy!” She’s sleeping it off and doesn’t want her tea, even though it includes her favourite things… Frozen baby peas and sardines in springwater.
Poor baby.Owie