Coloured pencil… “A Lovely Dream” workshop

I’m taking part in Suzi’s new class, “A Lovely Dream” – it’s an art journal workshop that goes from September to May – lots of stuff to do!  (And if you buy it before September 15 you get it $10 cheaper).

Here are two drawings that will go in that journal – they’re not finished here, they will be cut out and  put on a background with some other images:

False Friend and Small Town Art Critic

[clicky for biggy]

“False Friend” has a knife in one hand (to stab me in the back) while the other hand holds a tulip.  The background is Ranger Adirondack acrylic dabber paint in “Sandal”  and the coloured pencils are all Prismacolor (which I just lovelovelove!).

“Small Town Art Critic” is determined not to like anything he sees because he is a blocked artist himself who hasn’t done any art in years, but he goes to every gallery opening and drinks the free wine.  Background is some cheap craft white acrylic paint, drawing in Prismacolor pencil.

Both are on old book pages – there’s something about painting/drawing on book pages I really like – I did a lot of it when I was doing the Art Diploma course at TAFE.

Meanwhile my back is still cactus. (For readers who are wondering what the hell that means, “cactus” means “not working” (Wiktionary says “(Australian, slang): Non-functional, broken, exhausted.)

And we have new neighbours in one of the three properties around us up for rent.  Time will tell if they’re bearable… so far she seems to be on a cleaning jag, scrubbing the bathroom windowsill with a toothbrush  – sheesh!  (I dare not scrub ours because the wood has rotted!)  No big dogs or hordes of toddlers in evidence as yet…


Bad neck, BAD. And a picture or two from Suzi Blu’s class

But first, here’s an update on the picture from a post or two ago:

(as always, clicky for biggy)

Two girls in Moleskine sketchbook from Suzi Blu's class

The girl on the right you’ve seen before, the girl on the left is newer.

Same two girls with more mixed media

(BTW, this is an A4 size Moleskine sketchbook I’m working in and I’m surprised at how well the paper is holding up.) Still not finished,but I’m happy with how they’re going.  I think the $35 I spent on Suzi Blu’s Self Guided Video Portait Class is some of the best money I’ve spent on art stuff EVER!  It’s the first time I’ve EVER done faces like this, and I’ve never used mixed media like this before.  The picture above has graphite pencils, coloured pencils and paint, along with a little bit of stamping for texture in their shirts – and I’ve yet to go back in with the pencils and then add more paint, ink, stamping…. but my neck has made me take a break for a while.

So Friday night was not the best -Mr Beloved and I are both still sick with this cold/cough/flu thing, and I was having problems with anxiety and with feeling like a failure when I couldn’t do the mindfulness breathing exercises “correctly” (there is no “right” but I was beyond rational by this point…) so I gave in a took a val1um. (Excuse the funny spelling, I’m attempting to stop getting spammed whenever I mention a med1cat1on.)

Slept for a mere three hours but in that time must have slept in a completely weird position, because I woke up at around 4:30 am in such extreme pain I thought I might have to call an ambulance.  Seriously, when I broke my back it didn’t hurt as much as my neck did on Saturday morning!

Mr Beloved did his best to help with alternating hot and cold compresses but he was exhausted and needed to sleep before going out to a long-arranged meetup with some friends on Saturday arvo…  fortunately I was able to get in to see my chiropractor as soon as they opened at 7:15 on Saturday morning.  His diagnosis confirmed what I thought: severely sprained neck.  Probably caused by a combination of the relentless snuffle/cough of the last few weeks, the tension from the panic attack and sleeping wrong on my neck…

Most of Saturday was spent in agony, resting when I could and alternately icing my neck (brrr, one on of the coldest and most blustery rainy days so far this winter) and rubbing this “Fisiocrem” goop into it – I’m not normally a fan of stuff just because it’s “natural”, but this stuff is working waaaaaaay better for me than the deep heat/dencorub products ever did.  I’m impressed.  Still in pain, though.

Managed to sleep last night (again with sleeping aid, not happy abut that but DESPERATE to get some sleep) and today my neck is marginally better.  I’ve booked in for another chiro treatment tomorrow, and right before that I’m having an hour long massage – first time ever for remedial massage, we’ll see how that goes…

And just to add to the expense, my CPAP machine needs a new hose ($40ish) an probably a new fan bearing and service again (was $300 odd last time….) I think it’s time to look at a newer second hand machine!

Right, that’s enough computer time, my neck is whinging again…


Drawings… from Suzi Blu’s class

So I’m taking Suzi Blu’s Self Guided Video Portraits Class – and learning more from her about drawing skills than I did from my TAFE teachers.  If they’d been anywhere NEAR as good at teaching as Suzi is, I probably would have finished my course (also if I hadn’t been sick and and and….)

ANYWAY, something about the way Suzi is teaching is clicking with me.

Here’s my first face done in Suzi’s style in just graphite (mostly 2H pencil):

It's a FACE!

and here’s my first attempt at a graphite (2H) plus colour face in my brand new Moleskine journal:

Unfinished, but getting there

I’m also referring to this book for some details (Suzi’s style is looser and more stylised, but she emphasises the importance of making things look like they sit properly in the face.)

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces

I’m so impressed with Suzi’s teaching style – if you are ever thinking about doing a class with her, all I can say is DO IT!