Well, not only had I lost a chunk of filling  – I’d cracked off a part of the enamel.  And damaged another filling on the other side of my mouth.  From now on I’m STRAINING any passionfruit I eat – oh, and no more crunching ice, either.  The teeth grinding at night I can only address by being less stressed, because there’s no room with the CPAP mask to add anything else!

Mr Beloved sat in the room with me, and when I was being a total sook about having the needle (ow ow ow ow! IT HURT!) and when I had such bad jaw pain from holding my mouth open that tears were running into my ears.  :- (

BUT – I had the small filling with no needle or numbing cream!  FIRST TIME EVER that I’ve been able to have even a *leetle* filling without help. The big filling wasn’t even too bad – and I now have my first ever composite resin filling.

Still can’t feel half my face…nearly 3 hours post needle.  Maybe one day I will be brave like my Dad and not have the needle at all…

It’s still 32 degrees here at 7 pm… the predicted overnight minimum is 20 – I think we’ll be very lucky if it cools down that much!  This is HOT for Toowoomba, at least in recent years.  Funny how quickly you adjust to a new climate – I’m sure where I used to live was hotter in Summer!

Off to sip more ice water v-e-r-y carefully!