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Living in the panopticon*

Recently some cards inviting me to become part of the latest massive customer loyalty scheme for one of Australia’s supermarket duopoly arrived in the post. I will NOT be participating. You might find this surprising, given that I live my … Continue reading

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It’s been… a week.

So I got my assignment in on time, Yay. After wasting YET ANOTHER HOUR of tute time going over the assignment AGAIN!  *headdesk* Fair dinkum, there had better be close to full damn marks for EVERYONE for this bloody thing. … Continue reading

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I wanna change my clothes my hair my face…

[NB: I started writing this last week but decided I should get it posted even without pics!] With much trepidation (but with positive recommendations from several Toowoomba friends) I went to a different hairdresser last Tuesday. He was lovely and … Continue reading

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