Another walk in the park – the Wollemi Pine

Gotta watch yourself in the park round our way –  even the trees are locked up

There is actually a reason for this.  It’s a special tree and Toowoomba seems to have more than its fair share of stupid vandals.

Connie took me for another walk in the park today.  I am finding that I get very sore from this, but sleep well – although for about 14 hours at a stretch.   Which is ok but kind of cuts into the day a bit.  I try to keep busy so I’m not getting too anxious – sometimes it’s take each MINUTE at a time, not even each hour.

Here’s another pic of the mystery tree that I though might be a Rose of Sharon tree.  Susan suggested this could be a Tree Peony – I can’t tell from the pictures I’ve found online.

sorry for the darkish picture, it was around 3:45 this arvo.    So it’s kind of a shrubby tree with lots of trunks… hmm.  not that I have room for one in  my yard anyway, I’m just curious about what it really is!

And tonight on tele: Dr Who and Winston Churchill and Daleks – woo hooo!