Before the renovations...
Getting ready for new paint...

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

THIS IS IT!!  The money has run out (and then some…just waiting on the final invoices) and the house is now as done as it’s going to get (for a while).

We’re VERY pleased with the colour – it’s exactly the jacaranda we talked about.  The small bits of cream (“Surfmist”) trim to match the new gutters and ridge rolls just lifts it that little bit; and the only places we ended up using the charcoal colour were the front and back stairs (well, you wouldn’t paint them cream, would you!)

We’d especially like to thank DARREN BAILEY PAINTING AND DECORATING for the lovely paint work – Darren and his team were professional and helpful and did a great job.

ADRIAN SPIES BUILDING CONTRACTOR and his blokes did a ripper job of replacing the ceiling bearers and putting in  beautiful new ceilings for us.

STEVE KAUTER ELECTRICAL did the new wiring for the lights and the smoke alarm.

And MALONE’S PLUMBING AND ROOFING CONTRACTORS have been wonderful – over the last couple of months we’ve had them doing some big jobs (the roof and gutters and rainwater tank, and fixing up the hot water system) as well as smaller ones (fixing the shower leak and replacing the kitchen taps). Misty and Joel and their team have been brilliant to deal with throughout the many processes – always promptly getting back to us and turning up when they say they will.

Most of all we’d like to thank my amazing parents, who have given us the wonderful gift of a house that is now structurally sound and weatherproof.  It means far more than words could say.

It’s been an exhausting process.  There were tears.  And we are going to enjoy sleeping in for the next few days since we don’t have to keep tradie’s hours!

There are still things that need doing inside – but those can wait.   There’s lots of cleaning up to do – windows that need washing, very fine dust that (hopefully!) will lessen now the big jobs are done, hiring another skip to get rid of all the accumulated rubbish.

But for now – ahhhhhh, it’s DONE!


You know what the problem is with getting work done on the house? Every time you turn around, there’s SOMETHING ELSE THAT NEEDS FIXING.


Today? We found out that there’s an issue with the solar hot water installation.  Needs to have a drain under it that wasn’t put there when it should have been. (And a few other bits and pieces that were done INCORRECTLY by the installers who  – oh, surprise! no longer seem to be in business.  Insert Yosemite Sam type swearing under breath here.)

I’m feeling a bit fragile with the disruption anyway, but this sort of stuff? Could really screw with my mental health, if I let it.  So I can’t let it.

BREATHE.  The nice plumber is going to fix it.  It will only (!!!) cost another couple of hundred dollars … BREATHE!!!  Slow, deep breaths…

It’s beginning to look like the budget won’t stretch to the house getting painted – the painter we had round today to do a quote said there’s probably lead paint to be removed- because pretty much any paint before the 1970s had lead in it.  And the paint isn’t in a good enough condition overall to just paint over it.  Preparation is EVERYTHING in house painting, otherwise you’re just wasting paint.

*headdesk*   We’ve both had broken vertebrae, and consequently Do. Not. Do. Ladders.  It might turn out to be that buying/hiring scaffolding and doing the paint removal ourselves (over goodness knows how long) might be the only option.

HOWEVER, in good news – the old water tank is gone:

The old tank, in two pieces

The rust is very pretty but the tank was no longer very functional!  (Although we were surprised at just how much water gushed out when the workers punctured it this morning – ignoring where Mr Beloved suggested –  and water ran under the shouty neighbour’s house…)  The blokes are great when the boss is on site, but the other two will have to be supervised.  I was NOT HAPPY.

The old tank stand stumps were tougher to remove than expected...

Tomorrow – the solar panels all come off the roof and the blokes get started on the roofing and guttering.  Although it won’t be as immediately obvious as the difference the restumping has made, getting the roof fixed will let us sleep more soundly.  At the moment every windy rain storm has us worrying about whether parts of the roof are coming off.

And the shiny new roof and gutters that are not falling off and rusted through will make the house look so much better, too.  It’s all tied in – there are spots where the gutters had rusted because the house wasn’t level.  *headdesk*

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe…