Unreformed, Unapologetic Hippies


Yep. We dye and wear tie dyes.  PROUDLY!

A length of plain calico (quilter's muslin) now forever hippy-fied

This is probably going to be the new doorway curtain between the lounge and bedroom.

Grooovy, maaaan

Due to excess fabric stash and “not enough bread” we will be making clothes from this book soon.  (Well, the whole sewing room clean up thing has to happen first, and I don’t have the energy for that yet, but we have PLANS.)

And we have mung bean seeds just waiting to be sprouted.  Mmmmmm, mung bean sprouts!  I love them! Not least because they bring back memories of my childhood, when mung beans sprouted in a jar in a cupboard under the sink.  We don’t have a cupboard under the sink so I’ll probably keep them in a dark space in the bathroom.