Day Umpty-seven of The Cold From Hell

Not that I believe in Hell, or Heaven for that matter, but the Bad Place is surely where this cold came from.  After discovering online (oh Dr Google and Dr Wiki, whatever did we do before you?) that any reported side effects of extra doses of the fexofenadine drugs (telfast etc) were also present with placebos, we have been taking TWO tablets a day in an attempt to reduce the lakes of snot gushing from our heads. Once again, thank you ever so much to the generous stranger in the doctors’ waiting room  – your gift just keeps on giving.


(Remember 2009’s swine flu?  Yeah, we caught that one, too.  At least then people were prepared to buy and wear cute masks… although it’s always been the thing to do in Japan.)

Hand sanitisers are not enough when some old codger is liberally and forcefully expelling GERMS throughout the room which are then recycled through the airconditioning… and I say this as one who has had ample time to gaze at the filthy air con outlets in the ceiling of the waiting room.


Poor Mr Beloved is a couple of days behind me, and so is still sneezing, honking, and coughing through half a dozen handkerchiefs per day –  and he can’t use nasal sprays or ice/heat packs to help his sinus pain.  He is just so MISERABLE with it, the poor man.

My Dad always reckons you should stay away from doctors, they make you sick… he’s right.

I  find that eating frozen things helps me feel less stuffy and panicky – I think it helps with reducing the inflammation of my soft palate. ( I have no scientific evidence for this, I’m just going to go with the *belief*, ok?  Self delusion is okay so long as you KNOW that’s what it is…)  so I’ve been into the frozen grapes again (yum!) and have just turned the lovely ripe rockmelon that had been in the fruit bowl into a mushy fragrant orange blend with banana and passionfruit – it freezes, but not rock hard, so you end up with a sort of fruit ice cream.

(Yep, all that fruit is full of FRUCTOSE but it’s still better than eating commercial iceblocks or icecreams…)

Aaaaand now I’m out of Beconase spray again so I’m off to the shops.  Where if I *do* need to cough and sneeze I do it into a kleenex, because I am CIVILISED, unlike the infectious hordes… arrrrgh!




Just to add to my Christmas joy – I now not only have a head cold of man-flu proportions (I am a *terrible* patient!) but gastro as well.  My only consolation is that I am not expected to be anywhere or do anything  today – although I do miss my family.  Next year I’m hoping to see them at Christmas. Today it’s probably just as well I’m at home.


I am hugely amused that when I searched for an image to use with this post, I found:







on a kid’s health info page.  I am again guzzling hydralyte liquid and iceblocks, in an attempt to balance the electrolytes lost… and now it is time to lie down with an icepack again.



It never fails!

So on Monday we saw Our Lovely GP – I needed to sort out some scr1pts, organise some blood tests for h0rm0ne levels (about which more another time), get a letter to excuse me from jury duty and we had to pick up the latest test results for Mr Beloved.  (His cholester0l readings and other markers have improved considerably on his new meds.  Yay. All hail B1g Pharma for making our lives better and allowing us to still eat bacon.)

BUT – and I really should have thought about this – now we are SICK.  With charming head colds.  I am Snuffley, Phlegmy and Achey (Attorneys at Law. Or three of the Dwarves Disney dropped.)

It’s not just confirmation bias * (or hindsight bias)- we can go plenty of other places where there are people and NOT get sick – but one lousy trip to the !@&*^!@% waiting room at the doctors and BAM!  We get the Latest Lurgey.  Oh, thank you ever so much, you diseased and wretched people.   Especially you, unobserving parent, who continues to browse “CELEBRITIES DOING STUFF!” Weekly while your small child wipes its nasal secretions along every hard surface.  And you, Mr Coughs Into The Room, oh, thank YOU for our LOVERLY Christmas gifts.  That’s sharing the Ferkin’ Spirit of The Season, isn’t it?


So we have spent most of the last few days looking like this:

(Even unto the small pointy nosed dog on the bed, oh yes.  I have no idea where I stole this image from but isn’t it great?)

On the other hand, I have LOOK! Pretty nails! (although my nails seems to grow so quickly that there’s always a gap…)

This is the Sally Hansen stick on polish in “Girl Flower” that I mentioned the other day, with (freehand therefore wonky!) french tips in Hello Kitty blue – awwww! I wear out the tips of nail polish very quickly – too much typing and forgetting to wear the dishwashing gloves that are pegged above the sink, quietly perishing in the sun…)

I am drinking lots of water. And lots of hot tea.  And eating the occasional slice of Boiled Fruit Cake (mine is always a tweaked version of the recipe in Geoff Slattery’s wonderful 1991 book “Simple Flavours: Australian Home Cooking”.  This is the same book which taught me that making puff pastry isn’t hard, and in fact times perfectly with the quarters in an Aussie Rules football match.  He was a sports writer for the Melbourne Age before he was a cook…)

And shortly I shall head to the house to make zucchini slice (yes, again) and while the oven is on, the Strawberry Lime and Coconut Cheesecake from last month’s Good Taste magazine (but without the strawberries because they all looked a bit nasty when I hit the shops yesterday.  I might use some frozen raspberries instead or just go with the lime syrup as enough flavour.)

Happy Season to those who celebrate. And a hearty BAH HUMBUG to the infectious masses.


* If you haven’t yet grabbed/asked Santa/cajoled your library to order this book, you should.  Bloody brilliant.  The blog of the same name has some of what’s in the book, so read that first to get an idea, but it’s really worth the $Au 19 (or however much you want to pay – is showing this as the lowest price including postage.)