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Wednesday was a very loooooooong day.

Warning:epic post! Yesterday was a loooooooooong day. Not just for me, but for poor Mr Beloved – since I’m still not allowed to drive (stupid fainting thing!) he has to play chauffeur. He is the world’s most patient man. First … Continue reading

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Proud little Allie… And Caity goes to the Dentist

Meanwhile, Caity went to the Dreaded Dentist yesterday, for my 6 monthly checkup and clean.  I mentioned my TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) problems (yet another legacy from my violent first marriage) so he sent me off for an X ray.  Yep, … Continue reading

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It’s been a tough week…

Whine whine whine…. that’s all I feel like I do these days.  It has been a tough week – my jaw is still aching from the dental work last Monday – the dentist did say it would probably take a … Continue reading

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Oh dear…

It’s HOT. Still around 30 in the bedroom and I am writing this at 1:30 am… feeling sick, my jaw is hurting from the dental work, not  sure if the wonky tummy/IBS is being cause by anxiety or a bug… … Continue reading

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Well, not only had I lost a chunk of filling  – I’d cracked off a part of the enamel.  And damaged another filling on the other side of my mouth.  From now on I’m STRAINING any passionfruit I eat – … Continue reading

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12:35 pm- I’ve just got to get through til my dentist appointment at 4pm.  Sooooo tired but I can’t sleep… I can sleep in the day if I am sleeping in, but I find it very hard to actually get … Continue reading

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