Allie, Day 25 (and a visit from the vet)

I haz more feathers now!
I haz more feathers now!
Look at my pretty grey tummy!
I is still very tiny, but...
I is still very tiny, but…

Yes, Allie is a Very Pretty Bird, and was much admired by Jules the Vet.

Jules the Vet was here because poor Connie has an ear infection.  Her left ear canal  is all swollen and red and yeasty smelling, and she had to have a muzzle on while Jules the Vet massaged cleaning solution in there and got some special ear drops down inside the swelling.  It could have started with an underlying allergy or something as simple as some dirt or a scratch but it has to get cleared up, because poor Connie is miserable.  She is being very patient though, wearing the Cone of Shame.

not Connie - from the movie "Up"
not Connie – from the movie “Up”

Meanwhile, Caity had a skype video conference with the Very Helpful Psychiatrist this morning.  I explained how I’d discovered that if I leave one earbud of my phone radio in all night, it stops the voices in my head (replacing them with the lovely Radio National voices, without disturbing Mr Beloved) and switches off my brain enough so I can SLEEP!  And if I wake up during the night I listen to the radio for a little while but then go back to sleep.  My Dad has been leaving a radio on low to get to get sleep for years, I should have tried it before this.

The VHP says it works because it’s like white noise. I’ve tried those recordings of white noise or the surf? and THEY DON’T WORK for me. Has to be voices. Music makes me visualise the notes of the music (seriously, I try to write out the entire orchestral parts, like I was writing the conductor’s score in my head in black ink); “ambient” music just drives me nuts.  Can’t be talkback radio, either – has to be the long form doco or interview sort of stuff that RN does.

And Mr Beloved was up watching the last F1 Grand Prix for the year (mostly because it was Mark Webber’s last F1 drive) and it confirmed (yet again) that I simply CANNOT sleep while there is bright blue TV light leaking into my eyes.  UGH!  Doesn’t help that I still can’t use my CPAP machine because of this wretched cough, which is STILL hanging around. 1

I am rather zombified today.

Off to the mental health nurse tomorrow and then the Dreaded Dentist. When the Dental Practice 2 called to remind me of my appointment tomorrow I suggested I come in early because I know the anesthesia takes a while to work on me. (Something to do with my bad circulation?)


  1. The blood test results for Whooping Cough came back negative… but I am still doing a rather good impersonation of someone with Whooping Cough.  Please Explain.  Latest Theory, proposed by the VHP (who had a similar case in another patient): thyroid issues/goitre, pressing on trachea. Off for ultrasound scan on Monday.
  2. Why is it called a Practice, BTW? You reckon they’d be good at it by the time they get to open their own place?

I’m back…

… from Adelaide, just very tardy in posting about it!  I had a lovely time as usual – a week is, as always, just a bit too short a time to spend with family, but then I really miss Mr Beloved.

Mum’s birthday party went well – I think everyone had a lovely time.  Eunju organised the food and it was wonderful – always better to have too much than not enough – and the variety was lovely. The birthday cake in particular was gorgeous and Eunju did an incredible job slicing it for everyone – it was a delicate cheesecake on a hazelnut dacquoise base with sponge cake and raspberry layers inside and covered with white chocolate that needed a hot knife for every slice!

Birthday cake, obviously
eunju and dad
Eunju and Dad
Mum, after the party
During the party
decorative ginger
Ginger, pretending he’s a Good Cat
Gordon, in his truck
Chips, saying it’s all too much

Ginger cat did his best “I am a lovely decorative cat” act for the party; Chips cat disappeared for the duration and came out once everyone had gone.  Gordon is growing his whiskers for the Tweed Ride – doesn’t he look the proper Edwardian gent?

In other news: yes, I got my first bit of assessment back for the semester – worth 15%, and I got a high distinction.  The next part (another short creative work – that is, a short story of 1500 words – that’s very short!) is worth 25% and was submitted yesterday. I wasn’t very happy with it, but one of the next parts is to re-edit the short story and extend it to a 2000 words, so we’ll see how that goes.

Apart from that, it’s the usual round of doctor and psychiatrists and psychologists.  Poor Mr Beloved has had a sore rib for a couple of months and had to have a CT scan, but we have yet to get back to to the doctor for the results – that’s one of the appointments this week, I think.

We’ve been enjoying watching the new series of Call the Midwife on the TV, and our favourite comedienne , Miranda Hart, in her show, too.  (Miranda Hart was in series 1 on Call the Midwife but is off being a missionary for most of series 2). I’ve been reading silly cozy mystery novels to get to sleep – I’m very careful these days about what I let into my head, I don’t read gory novels or watch anything that involves too much crime scene stuff. So even though the Agatha Raisin novels by M C Beaton are not the best written novels in the English language, or even the best cozy mysteries I’ve ever read, at least they’re stuff I haven’t read a gazillion times before and I can get off to sleep reading them.  Any recommendations for other series authors gladly received…

And of course tonight is Dr Who night.  Mr Beloved is not a fan of new Who, but I don’t mind the new stuff – you do need a substantial ability to suspend disbelief, and an ability to ignore quite a lot of what was set up as Who-verse time rules previously, but oh well – don’t let that get in the way and it’s quite fun.

Poor Miss Constance had – I shudder to mention it – an infected anal gland on the day before Anzac Day (so that was April 24) but we were very lucky in catching our lovely mobile vet in time before she took the public holiday off and the Friday and had a long weekend… anyway, it was messy and Connie was Not A Happy Dog and had to wear the Cone of Shame (ie, an Elizabethan  collar) for several days until her poor bottom healed up.  She had to take anti-inflammatories for days and we’re still giving her antibiotics for another few days yet, and the mobile vet comes back later this week to check everything is all healed up okay.

And that’s about the news from here.  I’ve actually managed to do a small amount of tidying in the dreaded sewing room – little tiny bits, not there yet, but it’s starting to make a difference.   I’m beginning to hope I might actually get there.



It’s been… a week. And Constance is Seven!

Hmmm.  I am somewhat dizzy and snuffly with a cold that I think I picked up whilst out among the Hu-Mans this week.  (Yep, I was using a Star Trek: The Next Generation character reference there, for those who spotted it!)

Haven’t got much done this week.  The highlight was Mr Beloved’s long anticipated trip to the radiologists for a sub-acromial injection – that is, an ultrasound guided injection of local anaesthetic + cortisone to alleviate the bursitis in his shoulder (caused by falling UP the stairs and inadvertently shoulder-charging the house, some time back in January.)  I dragged myself out of bed expecting that I would need to drive him home from the appointment  – only to find that he was nearly BOUNCING with joy as he left the building!

The initial relief was mostly from the local; we’re hoping that it will continue to improve as the steroid does its work.  We’re both astonished at how effective the shot has been –  he’s had restricted movement in that shoulder and arm and lots of pain for MONTHS.  And now he can move his shoulder again and lift his arm to get into jackets and so on – amazing!

So he’s been working on the studio: (Clicky for biggy)

Caity's desk
Mr Beloved's desk

And – we almost missed it – our baby girl turned SEVEN this week!

Connie on her first day with us

Wasn’t she the cutest little teddy bear of a pup?!

She FLIES! With her favourite new ball

She does more for the household’s happiness and well-being than just about anything else.  I often joke to my psychiatrist and psychologist that poodles should be supplied on medicare!   She went to the groomer this week so is looking particularly fluffy and her teeny little toes are shaved.  We still have fights about her being brushed but she prefers her own coat to anything else, so we have to leave her fur long in this cold weather.

It's almost impossible to get them both looking at the camera...

Miss Kit Tern has been very tolerant of this rumbustious addition to the household.  Neither of them are good at posing for the camera, though.

On the agenda for this week: more book sorting (will it never end?!) and a trip to The Department That Controls Our Lives with bank statements to prove that we have spent ALL THE MONEY on getting the house fixed, so please don’t think that we are earning vast amounts of interest on our savings and reduce our pensions.  Sheesh.