Soggy Birds!

Bolly, mid shower

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You can see Dorian’s grey tail at bottom left of this picture, but he didn’t want to be photographed today.  It was so hot again today (33 with a hot dry wind) that I though the birds might enjoy a spray through the bars of their cage.  Bolly and Dorian used to come into the shower with me but I have been forgetting to do that.  They absolutely love getting wet on a hot day,  turning every which way to make sure every feather gets wet.

Just as well I keep my feathers numbered!

Bolly and Dorian’s boy, Yarrow, had his first ever spray mist – and he loved it too, hanging upside down and twisting to get more spray – and ringing his bell when I stopped, cheeky bugger!

Wet is GOOD!

The dog has enjoyed some more ice cubes and I am sitting with a damp towel across my shoulders again.  Far too hot to be trying to nap, unfortunately, so I’m here when I would rather be horizontal…



Isn’t she pretty?  This is Squeakle, Bolly and Dorian’s new baby.  She had a brother, Bub, but sadly Bub had to be euthanased – he had a deformed leg and would never have had a decent life.  This photo is actually from 5 days ago, she’s grown a teeny bit more again.

Squeakle will be leaving us to go to a new home – either to friends or a pet shop – as we can’t keep her.  (I would like to, but there’s a limit to how many birds we can look after, and we don’t want to have inbred birds.)

Here were Squeakle and Bub on Nov 25 – they grow so fast!