A Day Out… and another birdy photo

So today we went for a little drive.  Out to Crows Nest, to visit an antique store. We took a writer friend with us, since she has a similar twisted sense of humour.

Green Jesus with Blood Red Nailz (tm)
Green Jesus with Blood Red Nailz ™

(You really must clicky for biggy on these, they’re special)

Cupid waves hello from a swan
Cupid waves hello from a swan

The shop was very hot (being, as most such places are, really just a tin shed with a nicer front on it) and we were overwhelmed by furniture lust after a while –  beautiful little writing desks and huuuuuuuge breakfront dressers, none of which would fit in our houses… not to mention all the odd little (overpriced) bits and pieces…

Then lunch at the bakery. Yum.

A quick stop at an op shop back in town to look for frames for our friend (who is an artist as well as a writer, and has an upcoming exhibition in February) then home.

You can see where Allie gets his pearl from...
You can see where Allie gets his pearl from…

(The photo is a bit overblown, but you should be able to see the pearl on Bolly’s wing – that’s where Allie gets it from.)

It was a windy day so my hair is extra frizzy – but I’m definitely having problems with my thyroid, even though the scan was normal.  Things are tasting odd, my skin is superdry, my nails are brittle, my throat is sore, my voice is hoarse, I’m TIRED, my hands and feet are cold, my memory is extra wonky… I could go on listing symptoms but it’s pretty pointless, since I can’t do anything about it except try and convince the Very Helpful Psychiatrist to order blood tests when I have a skype call with her on Monday.  I even know which blood tests I need.  This might sound like I’m being a bit of a hypochondriac – rather, we’ve been down this path before, LAST time I needed the thyroxine dose increased. *sigh*  And I need a referral to an endocrinologist, just to be on the safe side. BLOODY CHRISTMAS/ NEW YEARS, can’t get a thing done!  Everybody shuts down ’til the start of February!

Anyway. Enough of that. It was a lovely day.

Birdy update… and the physio

I can FLY now! I can fly to the cage and back!
I can FLY now! I can fly to the cage and back!

Yes, that’s young Allie, on the wrong side of the bars – very self satisfied! We’re quite sure he’s a boy, given the squarks – no copied words as yet, but quite a lot of noise.

Bolly enjoys a chin scratch and a bit of free flight too
Bolly enjoys a chin scratch and a bit of free flight too

And that’s his Mum, out for a stretch of the wings and some pampering.  She adores having her beak rubbed and her chin and ear patches scratched.

I went to the physio about my jaw today. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it turns out that most of the problems actually originate….

… from when I broke my L2 (that’s way down in my lower back). Bad posture from trying to compensate has exacerbated the problems that were already there and now I have HOMEWORK from the physio to start to sort it out.  He manipulated my C2/C3 facet joints (I am now very sore) but the for the first time in years I could open my mouth fully and the joint didn’t go CLUNK, and I could turn my head all the way to the right! (I almost felt like an owl!)

So I’m very motivated to do the homework. Gently. But consistently.  And I have to work on my balance. (Oops. I kinda knew about that already, the bruises were a hint…)

Still coughing, by the way. The cough medicine doesn’t really help after the first hour, nor does the asthma medication.  It’s very embarrassing being anywhere public and having a cough that DOESN’T STOP!  I feel like waving a sign saying “NOT INFECTIOUS, REALLY!!” I tried to get in to see my GP today but she’s away and then booked up until the 24th… I have an appointment with her on the 8th so I guess I’ll just have to wait until then. Such a hassle around Christmas/New Year getting anything done!


Allie Has Feathers now! (And Caity has a university result)

I haz so many feathers now!
I haz so many feathers now!
See my bee-yoo-tee-ful crest?
See my bee-yoo-tee-ful crest?
OI! Whose photoshoot is this, anyway?
OI! Whose photoshoot is this, anyway?
Pearly Wings! Pearly Wings! I haz got Pearly Wings!
Pearly Wings! Pearly Wings! I haz got Pearly Wings!

So Allie is a Very Pretty Bird.

And the university results for Semester 2 came out yesterday, and yes, we did add the marks up correctly – I got an A.  (When we added it up the marks came to 83, which is 2 short of an HD… bugger.)  So I did okay. (Insert lecture from mental health nurse here on importance of not being a perfectionist.)

Proud little Allie… And Caity goes to the Dentist

I am still tiny enough to sit in the palm of Caity’s hand
Look! I has FEATHERS!
I is still a bit prickly but…
‘cos look at my QUILLS!

Meanwhile, Caity went to the Dreaded Dentist yesterday, for my 6 monthly checkup and clean.  I mentioned my TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) problems (yet another legacy from my violent first marriage) so he sent me off for an X ray.  Yep, there’s a issue there. Looks like instead of my CPAP machine we’ll be trying a different kind of splint at night, one that helps to keep the jaw in place…

Oh, and the xray picked up two decayed places underneath some older fillings, so guess who gets to go back to the Dreaded Dentist next week?  ARRRRRRRRGHH!  Break out the anxiolytics again… if there’s anything I really FEAR at the dentist it’s those needles right at the back of the jaw. *shudder*  It was inevitable, I guess, since I’ve had some of those back fillings for an awful long time…

Right.  Time to go print off my story and go to writer’s group.  That’s a much happier thought!



The babies are doing well

Won’t be long now ’til Sulphur’s eyes open
Allie has a very full crop (tummy) and good strong legs and feet

The babies are getting handled, briefly, at least once a day, while their Mum (dear old Bolly Bird) has her bath and feed.  She doesn’t mind at all.

Another week, another post…

You wouldn’t think just trying to do one university subject and stay well would take up so much time, but somehow it does.

We had our hottest day here  in months  – the official temperature recorded was 24, but inside the house it got up to 27.  That was Thursday, and when the clouds eventually gave up their rain we got all of about 2 mm.  The overnight temperature was something like 10 above the average. Poor woolly dog is still in her full winter coat, but the temperature has dropped back down again since. (And she likes to snuggle under things, especially people clothes, when it does get cool.)

(Just back from the groomers – we do NOT encourage ribbons in the hair and they do not last more than about an hour!)

I had to go and buy clothes today though, since I have very few things to wear for summer – I’m back under 100kg for the first time since at least the end of 2003, and I need to look decent for university: it helps me, psychologically, if I feel that I am turning up looking my best. That means I like wearing (reasonably) good clothes and having some face on and my hair looking okay.  Most of the dresses I bought at TS14+ and have been wearing during the last few months will be fine for the next few months with the addition of short sleeve underdresses (instead of the long sleeve t-shirts and heavy opaque leggings I have been wearing them with).  $$$ but what can you do? I have found that the TS14+ clothes are lasting well and wash and dry really well – so in the end they’re much better value than the cheaper clothes that fall apart and don’t even last a single season.

Today I got the result back for the first piece of assessment for CWR1000, the Creative Writing subject I’m studying this semester: 83/100, and that’s for 15% of the overall mark for the semester. Not enough for a High Distinction (that takes 85) but I’m  very happy.  It was for a 500 word piece of pure description: no narrative, no plot, just describing a place, person, or emotion.  I chose to write about a place, my bedroom at our old house in Wagga.  I did a solid job, but need to let loose with more poetry, more abstract and imaginative language in my writing, says my teacher.  I can do that. I’m looking forward to doing that.  I am in the middle of a first draft of what will end up as a 2000 word story (due 7th September) which is worth 25% of the mark for the course, so I will make sure I incorporate his feedback into the new piece.

Mental health report: I think I’ve turned the corner on this mixed mania episode (and there was a collective sigh of relief).  The medicat1on (Saphr1s) at the higher strength seems to have done the trick (or maybe I would have got there on my own – that’s the damn trouble with B1polar, you never can tell, but it’s too dangerous not to treat it just in case things go disastrously wrong and you wreck your life and your relationships permanently). In any case, I am grateful to be back to my somewhat saner state of mind. It’s still a bit wonky but my sleep patterns have noticeably improved, and I’m not so up and down-y all the time now.  I am staying on he higher dose until I see the Very Helpful Psychiatrist next, then we get to wean me off, and then we see how I go. Fun times.

And the cockatiels are setting up the nursery again – Mrs Bird has a lovely new cornflakes box, which Mr Bird is modifying.  No signs of eggs yet, but there could be baby birds by Christmas… if that happens successfully we’ll eventually have to give them away, since Yarrow, our baby bird from the flood, has taken up residence in the only spare cage.

That’s about it from here this week.  The kookaburras have just started laughing so either they’re setting up their nursery too, or we’re in for rain in the next couple of days (they’re better than the Bureau of Meteorology at getting the big storms right).