Not much…

Another week trying to just get on while coping with the depression and anxiety, so not much has been happening.  I’ve had a couple of days in a row now where I can eat without having to immediately dash off to the loo, so that’s a big win… but I’m still not able to eat very much.

I saw my helpful psychologist on Thursday and had two anxiety attacks (complete with ‘oh no, here come the tummy wobbles’) while I was in here office – which was actually incredibly useful, because we were able to work on tools to cope with them right there and then.  Labeling what was going on so the mind gets back in control instead of panicky emotions running riot helps; remembering to breathe (sounds simple but the first thing I tend to do when I panic is hold my breath!); and reminding myself that this isn’t going to last forever – all these are useful things when I’m feeling really rotten and anxious.  I’ve been feeling a lot better since practicing those things.

The weather has been nice but today has turned cooler. Connie took me for a walk in Queen’s Park the other day to see some of the flowers planted for the Carnival of Flowers but she wasn’t stopping to let me photograph them!

Come ON, Mum!
Ornamental Kale

(Photos taken on the run with my phone as Connie CHARGED around the park!)

I’ve managed to pick up a sore throat and a bit of a snuffle.  So I’m off to have some hot water with lemon and ginger.  Uni starts again this week, but we haven’t heard back yet about our marks for the 2000 word story – we should know by the middle of the week, the lecturer says. Then it’s a race to the finish when all work has to be handed in by October 26.  I think I’m as up-to-date as I can be with the other work for the subject, and I’m not going to stress myself out about it, not when I’m already trying to recover from this bout of anxiety and depression! I am better than I was even this time last week, though.

Sunday Sunday

And not much has happened here to report…

My back is still crook,  but it’s only a week until I see the pain management specialist and hopefully get the facet joint injections done.  I’m off to the chiropractor tomorrow (mainly because he does a great job on my upper back, he can’t really help with the lumbar spine stuff at the moment) and then I will have a stroll with my camera in Laurel Bank Park while it’s all tarted up for the Carnivore of Fowls (Carnival of Flowers, LOL!)

I cheated - this picture of decorative kale was taken at last years Carnival of Flowers

The weather has warmed up – after that cold snap last week when one morning “felt like” -2 with the wind chill, we now have a “mini heat wave”  – today is 27 C and the rest of the week is supposed to get even warmer. Lots of burn-offs happening this weekend so that sky is hazy and my lungs are a bit wheezy – nothing that the preventer isn’t managing, though.

The plumbers are coming tomorrow to fix the roof and downpipe leaks – we really hadn’t had heavy rain on the new roof until a couple of weeks ago, so we didn’t know about the leaks!

I haven’t got as much drawing or painting done as I would like this week, since I seem to have had remarkably few upright and lucid hours… so I’m feeling a bit behind in both my classes with Jane and Suzi.  This warm weather gets the gessoed pages dry quickly, so on to drawing tonight/tomorrow.


And then it rained some more… but some pretty flowers included

I feel like it’s been wet FOREVER here! (gosh, Caity, exaggerate much?) Although when I check the weather site I can see we’ve had 15 days with rain this month, for a total so far of 76.6mm- and it’s raining again as I type this now it’s partly sunny again but sooooo humid!

Mum and Dad came to visit last week, and we had some moments of really lovely weather.  This was Tuesday early afternoon, for example:

(I look at that photo and all I can think of is how disgustingly fat I look. I do not like thinking like this!  Also, for some reason my photos are shooting at low res.  BUGGER!  Will have to check the camera…)

[as usual, clicky for biggy on all pics]

Anyway, “Delphiniums white and delphiniums blue”, to quote A.A. Milne ( I love that poem!) at Queen’s Park.  All this floral extravagance was part of the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (or Carnivore of Fowls, as Mr B likes to call it.)  Mum and Dad had actually driven over from Adelaide for a school reunion in Quirindi, where Dad went to school, but figured they might as well tack on an extra 500kms and see us.

And some tulips:

And irises and pansies:

And ornamental kale (which, BTW, the edible version is a SUPERFOOD – I really ought to grow some next year. My brother swears by it.)

Oh, and here’s another pic especially for my brother: MAY BUSH!!  (when we were kids, living in Dubbo, my sister and I filled up the wheelbarrow with maybush blossoms on top of a layer of rainwater and invited Gordon to sit in it.  We thought it was hilarious, he still remembers it as “AND THEN THEY MADE ME SIT IN THE WHEELBARROW!”)

And one last Queen’s Park pic that Dad took from the viewing platform – you can just see me, Mum, and Mr Beloved:

(When we were young (to almost quote A. A. Milne again) I can remember always being told to “put on your red top and go over there so your father can take a photo.”  I wore pink, Mr Beloved wore red!)

So that was the Tuesday of Mum and Dad’s visit.  We rounded it off with a trip to Glenford’s Tools (for Dad to have a browse) and Bunnings (the hardware warehouse).

Wednesday we went out for lunch, which is something Mr Beloved and I rarely do.  He was shocked by the prices and the crowds, but it was a nice meal.

By Thursday I was exhausted – wonderful Mr Beloved took my parents out to the Japanese Gardens at the uni :

And then to the rail museum (DownsSteam)at Drayton:

Then Mum and Dad started the long drive home on Friday.  (They got home yesterday.)

It was lovely having them visit – I’m a bit embarrassed that I flaked out, but I just had no energy left.  Ugh.  Managed to get to the gym yesterday but I think I went about my resistance training the wrong way – did too many reps at once rather than switching exercises and coming back to the machines for a second time.  I’m very achy today but hoping to get to yoga class to stretch it out.

Mum also grabbed three boxes of slides and brought them over – so as soon as I get a slide scanner, I’ll be able to print out pictures of when we visited Toowoomba in 1974.  (Including a pic of me up the top of that rocket in the park!)