They grow up so fast…

Bub is the one with more yellow and pearl; Bib is in foreground with more grey
Bub is the one with more yellow and pearl; Bib is in foreground with more grey

As you can see, the big two are already quite feathered…

The little two

And the little two are well on their way – those feathers are breaking out of the sheaths already.  It’s almost impossible to tell the little two apart, I think they’re going to be pearl greys like Allie.

Connie is ever curious about anything little – she wants to kiss the babies!

Connie gets very excited whenever the babies come out of the cage.  Puppies, smaller dogs, baby birds – Connie just loves anything little.

What a difference a week makes…

What a difference a week makes in the lives of baby birds.  Feeding around the clock will do that I guess…

The big two now are getting their quills - and getting cheeky!
The big two now are getting their quills – and getting cheeky!

The big two are already losing most of their yellow feathers and looking quite grey. And their little quiffs are starting to grow in.  They look adorable.

The little two only had one eye open each today. Still covered in baby fluff and still quite white.

As you can see they’re quite well fed – lovely full crops, and they’re standing well (although the full crops and lack of coordination as yet means they tend to roll rather than stand on softer surfaces.)

A trick of perspective here  - the little two really aren't this big!
All four together – there’s only a week or maybe 10 days developmental difference between the two pairs – what a difference!

We haven’t named any of these babies yet because we weren’t sure how many would survive. But so far it’s looking good. The parent birds are eating lots of extra seeds and lettuce to keep up with the demand.

In other news – we’re about to have another week of heatwave after a week of lovely mild temperatures. I’m not looking forward to it. 32 in here already today. And the shops are starting to sell WINTER clothes!

We had the plumbers in during the week to do some work around the house (haven’t got bill yet though, ouch) – replacing some old pipes that went from under the house to drains, moving a pipe that for some stupid reason had always stopped the back screen door from opening all the way (making the back steps a bit unsafe, especially when you’re negotiating them with a basket full of wet laundry) – well, I know the reason really, it’s because the laundry (and hence the back door and step etc) were only added on in the 1970s, so that’s the way it Just WAS… ARRRRRRGH – anyway, it’s finally fixed so I don’t have to worry about either of us taking a tumble there because we had to sidle through the door awkwardly now.

And that’s about it for now. More birdy photos later in the week.



They’re all mad out there, you know…

So… I’ve still been having trouble sleeping.  The terrible cough has settled back into a somewhat-fixable-with-ventolin asthma cough, but it still gets disturbed enough by the CPAP machine wind that I can’t use my CPAP machine, so I AM A ZOMBIE.  It’s not fun.

Consequently my mental state is not brilliant.  Hence my lack of posts.

Allie bird is nearly weaned. Cockatiels are weaned at 8 weeks. Allie was hatched November 1, but is still SCRAAAAARTCHing for food from Bolly whenever he gets a chance, even though he is quite happy eating seeds and pellets and lettuce by himself as well. Bolly is sitting on a new egg already…

Allie outside the cage, looking very grown up
Allie outside the cage, looking very grown up

We’ve been eating more salad-y things now the weather has been heating up.  Mr Beloved has been keeping an eye on the bargain shelf at the supermarket, so the other day we had a lovely posh lunch of prosciutto and fetta salad – for less than what some people would spend on a fast food hamburger.


I went into town today (Mr Beloved dropped me in and picked me up) and it was INSANE!  Apart from essential grocery runs to the local shops we are now officially AVOIDING THE SHOPS until it all calms down again.

Allie and Connie

I like a chin scratch already!
I like a chin scratch already!
My crest feathers are nearly here!
My crest feathers are nearly here!
My ear is getting better, really Mum... still the Cone of Shame... Really?
My ear is getting better, really Mum… still the Cone of Shame… Really?

She’s a very smart poodle.  I think she wanted me to look up ‘otalgia’ in the dictionary for her – despite the ear drops from Jules the Vet, poor Connie is still shaking her head about in the night.  The swelling has settled down a lot, though.

Allie, Day 25 (and a visit from the vet)

I haz more feathers now!
I haz more feathers now!
Look at my pretty grey tummy!
I is still very tiny, but...
I is still very tiny, but…

Yes, Allie is a Very Pretty Bird, and was much admired by Jules the Vet.

Jules the Vet was here because poor Connie has an ear infection.  Her left ear canal  is all swollen and red and yeasty smelling, and she had to have a muzzle on while Jules the Vet massaged cleaning solution in there and got some special ear drops down inside the swelling.  It could have started with an underlying allergy or something as simple as some dirt or a scratch but it has to get cleared up, because poor Connie is miserable.  She is being very patient though, wearing the Cone of Shame.

not Connie - from the movie "Up"
not Connie – from the movie “Up”

Meanwhile, Caity had a skype video conference with the Very Helpful Psychiatrist this morning.  I explained how I’d discovered that if I leave one earbud of my phone radio in all night, it stops the voices in my head (replacing them with the lovely Radio National voices, without disturbing Mr Beloved) and switches off my brain enough so I can SLEEP!  And if I wake up during the night I listen to the radio for a little while but then go back to sleep.  My Dad has been leaving a radio on low to get to get sleep for years, I should have tried it before this.

The VHP says it works because it’s like white noise. I’ve tried those recordings of white noise or the surf? and THEY DON’T WORK for me. Has to be voices. Music makes me visualise the notes of the music (seriously, I try to write out the entire orchestral parts, like I was writing the conductor’s score in my head in black ink); “ambient” music just drives me nuts.  Can’t be talkback radio, either – has to be the long form doco or interview sort of stuff that RN does.

And Mr Beloved was up watching the last F1 Grand Prix for the year (mostly because it was Mark Webber’s last F1 drive) and it confirmed (yet again) that I simply CANNOT sleep while there is bright blue TV light leaking into my eyes.  UGH!  Doesn’t help that I still can’t use my CPAP machine because of this wretched cough, which is STILL hanging around. 1

I am rather zombified today.

Off to the mental health nurse tomorrow and then the Dreaded Dentist. When the Dental Practice 2 called to remind me of my appointment tomorrow I suggested I come in early because I know the anesthesia takes a while to work on me. (Something to do with my bad circulation?)


  1. The blood test results for Whooping Cough came back negative… but I am still doing a rather good impersonation of someone with Whooping Cough.  Please Explain.  Latest Theory, proposed by the VHP (who had a similar case in another patient): thyroid issues/goitre, pressing on trachea. Off for ultrasound scan on Monday.
  2. Why is it called a Practice, BTW? You reckon they’d be good at it by the time they get to open their own place?

Allie Has Feathers now! (And Caity has a university result)

I haz so many feathers now!
I haz so many feathers now!
See my bee-yoo-tee-ful crest?
See my bee-yoo-tee-ful crest?
OI! Whose photoshoot is this, anyway?
OI! Whose photoshoot is this, anyway?
Pearly Wings! Pearly Wings! I haz got Pearly Wings!
Pearly Wings! Pearly Wings! I haz got Pearly Wings!

So Allie is a Very Pretty Bird.

And the university results for Semester 2 came out yesterday, and yes, we did add the marks up correctly – I got an A.  (When we added it up the marks came to 83, which is 2 short of an HD… bugger.)  So I did okay. (Insert lecture from mental health nurse here on importance of not being a perfectionist.)

Proud little Allie… And Caity goes to the Dentist

I am still tiny enough to sit in the palm of Caity’s hand
Look! I has FEATHERS!
I is still a bit prickly but…
‘cos look at my QUILLS!

Meanwhile, Caity went to the Dreaded Dentist yesterday, for my 6 monthly checkup and clean.  I mentioned my TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) problems (yet another legacy from my violent first marriage) so he sent me off for an X ray.  Yep, there’s a issue there. Looks like instead of my CPAP machine we’ll be trying a different kind of splint at night, one that helps to keep the jaw in place…

Oh, and the xray picked up two decayed places underneath some older fillings, so guess who gets to go back to the Dreaded Dentist next week?  ARRRRRRRRGHH!  Break out the anxiolytics again… if there’s anything I really FEAR at the dentist it’s those needles right at the back of the jaw. *shudder*  It was inevitable, I guess, since I’ve had some of those back fillings for an awful long time…

Right.  Time to go print off my story and go to writer’s group.  That’s a much happier thought!