A DigiDare


So I’m stretching myself, trying to make interesting journal pages etc DIGITALLY.. I used  Digidare #151 (they give you a topic, colour to include, etc) to kick start this one.

(I’m still working on how to get this to looks ok online – tell me if it’s unreadable, please?)

Hoping to paint some backgrounds later today – we were woken this morning by the koels (still no sign of rain, dammit, stupid birds!) and the incessant barking of the bad neighbour’s @$!%&^#!! dogs. AGAIN. Grrrr.

The fine print:  Background is a scanned section of what Mr Beloved calls my “splat boards” – the paper I keep underneath the current painting project – often these turn out cooler than the page I’m working on!  I knocked the colour right back so it wouldn’t intrude.  Template was a freebie from Designs by Sine, and the papers were mine except for the pink one (from the freebie mini kit Girl Time by Meredith at Elemental Scraps) and the green graph paper from Katie Pertiet’s Notebook Pages #2, available at Designer Digitals. Butterfly brushes (stamps) from Blah Blah Blahg (*mwah!* Love that blog!)
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Mmmm… ahem… cough cough….

The article is from the September issue of Artisan Notebook. Fabulous (digital) magazine – if I only had the bandwidth left, I’d be getting the October issue too!

Must. Learn. Patience….

and to clean up my MESS! I am trying to fix the digital piles of stuff first, with hope that will inspire me to tackle the physical layers that seem to accumulate wherever I go.

(Am I the only creative type that battle this constantly? How do YOU manage all the STUFF?)

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Ok, a week ago this wouldn’t have made me laugh so much…


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A digital ATC for Collage Play with Crowabout, shopping in Brissy

week 56 submissionblog

(clicky for VERY biggy if you want to..)

An entirely digital ATC made from elements that the lovely Nancy shared on Collage Play with Crowabout this week.  I might try printing out some of these if anyone wants one…

So yeah, I’m still kind of obsessed with this digital image manipulation stuff.  I’m learning HEAPS! Not least that this can be a total time sucker – I think “I’ll just try doing this” and I look up to find half an hour has passed.  Oops!

What I’m really looking forward to is getting hold of the family pics – Mum said she’ll post some boxes of slides up, then I’ll scan them and put the scans onto disks so Mum and Dad can watch the disks on the TV, and choose which pictures they’d like to get printed.  And I get to keep digital copies of all the pics I want – talk about your win-win!

I’m still very tired today after the big trip to Brissie yesterday – had a brilliant time with Sue and Lynn (who has just started a blog but I can’t find it!) – and fell asleep (snored!) on the way home in Sue’s car.  The highlight of the day (apart from being with good sewing buddies!) was spending time looking at FANTABULOUS fabrics at Beth-Wyn Couture Fabrics – upstairs in the Brisbane Arcade, just off the Queen Street Mall.2009_10_13_Sue and Lynn at Bethwyn

[click for big, and sorry about the red eyes!]

We all got some bargains – utterly GORGEOUS fabric at such-a-deal prices… I restricted myself to one piece of silk for a little cami top.  (I haven’t washed the fabric yet because of the dreadful dust here again today… and yes, I will wash it in the super-special-Seri Care wash!)

Back to bed for me very soon, I think.  The thyroid medicine has made a big difference but doesn’t fix the other underlying conditions…

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Another Digital Scrapbook Page

My BFF Sue and I had had a terrific day at Dalby (about an hour west of here) with other members of the Australian Sewing Guild and Felicity from For Frock’s Sake.  We were there for a fun colour and style workshop  at the home of one of the Dalby girls – Thanks, Lesley! I got quite worn out, but it was a great day.  Turns out I’m NOT one colour season but a mix – there ya go!

Tomorrow we’re off on a little shopping trip to Brissy, where we’ll meet up with a friend from Pattern Review.  (Hi Lynn!)

So anyway, I wanted to make something to say thank you to Sue: I don’t know if she’ll like this or HATE it, but here goes:

2009_10_12 P_Knox_No144 blog

I think I might print this out and mount it on a cream background to give all that pattern some breathing room:

preview for blog of Sue page

(Template:Pattie Knox SpeedByte No. 114 from DesignerDigitals; All papers and elements: Shabby Princess: Happy Go Lucky (free kit!); and I nicked the nice pic of Sue in her LBD from her blog – Probably Sue’s DH took it,so I need to credit him, too!)

What do you think? I hope this isn’t one of those layouts where I look back and cringe – for today, I’m pretty happy with it!

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OMG! Caity made…

… a digital scrapbook page!!

connie plays ball for web


Obviously I’d like to thank the Academy Mr Beloved for his patience as I swore and muttered… and more importantly, I’d like to HUG AND KISS AND SQUEEZE (ok, was that too creepy?) the wonderful Liz of Paislee Press, without whom this layout would not have happened.  Not only did she write a comprehensive and clear tutorial on getting started (Layered Templates 101) she also made the “press plate” (the digital template you slot your bits and pieces into) available – all for free.

How cool is that?

Now, I know the protocol: I have to acknowledge all the things I used here, this is not all my own work, obviously! (But it’s a wonderful way to get started.) Usually people seem to do it like this:

Press Plate No. 13 by Paislee Press from Oscraps.com; Background paper from NatashaNaSt Designs Fantasy Minikit (another freebie from Oscraps.com, go buy stuff from them, ok?) and the font is “Euphorigenic” from fontstock.net.

I know I’m not the word’s best photographer – in fact, I may be among the worst –  but I’m trying to get better.  I have nowhere near enough photos to play with. I am itching to get my hands on family photos but that will have to wait til poor Mum and Dad get time!

Also I have nowhere enough bandwidth – sheesh, some of those digital downloads are GINORMOUS.  (Don’t Americans pay for the amount they download or something?  Maaaan, they’d FREAK on our 20 gig per month quota!) I don’t think I’ll be getting any more (even if they are free ones) until I see how much quota we have left at the end of the month…

Tomorrow I’m going to a “social scrap” at the local scrapbooking shop, if I’m up to it.  I’ll be taking my digital page printed out onto a transparency and playing around with real life stuff to enhance it. (This is called “Hybrid” scrapbooking and I think that it’s very cool.  I like to be able to touch stuff, and nice as purely digital designs are, I need to be able to feeeeeeel them.)

Depression – meh.  I have managed to keep busy today and get myself tired.  I’m hoping when I wake up tomorrow things will look brighter – this morning was Not Good.

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Oh I LOVE this…

Today’s Story of the Day from Story People

I used to be pretty clear on what was real & what I made up, but with everything going on in the world, none of that seems to matter, so I just decided to talk less & smile to myself more, so as not to add to the general confusion.

I could just about have that TATTOOED on me.  Yep. Talk less and smile to myself more, that’s the ticket.

I’m starting to feel better about my memory – today I remembered an author’s name to recommend a book to someone! (Kay Redfield Jamison’s “Touched With Fire: Manic Depressive Illness and The Artistic Temperament”, an interesting and useful read.)  So I’m thinking that MAYBE the thyroxine is starting to work…. because this was one of things that I was finding quite distressing, not being able to call up names and book titles (and I can usually see the cover and where I saw it last on my bookshelves if it’s a book I own.) Fingers crossed, eh?

So far though, I am still exhausted and don’t have the energy of a slug. Spent most of the day in bed.

ragtime in simlaIn between sleeping, I have been reading.  You might remember that back here I raved about two books by Barbara Cleverly.  Well, I’ve been reading her other series, featuring Detective Joe Sandilands, and they’re even BETTER!! Set in India and the North West Frontier (what we know now as the area around Afghanistan/Pakistan, so very topical) in the dying days of the Raj, beautifully plotted, with great characters.  If you enjoy those, do check out an old favourite of mine  – Peter Hopkirk’s “The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia” (I think it had a different subtitle for the American market).  All very Kipling but without Kipling’s – ummmmmm – tendency to be tedious?!

Also just read “The Monsters of Templeton” by Lauren Groff. (I can’t remember who recommended this one (it was one someone’s blog …) – well worth the read.

And I’m enjoying reading *gasp* scrap booking magazines and blogs!  (If you have favourites, please let me know.) Seriously, my admiration grows daily for the clever design work some of these women do.  I don’t understand why the 12″ square is the default page size, especially since SQUARES ARE HARD in design, but wow – there are a lot of really well though out, funny, clever pages being made out there.

It’s really making me think.  I mean, my art journal pages tend to be rather  – instinctual.  Thrown together.  Serendipitous.  And while I really value the spontaneity of working so freely, I think there is room for me to be more thoughtful about the design of pages.  (Have just dug up an oft recommended book on this:”Design! A Lively Guide to Design Basics for Artists and Craftspeople” – such eye candy, this time I must read it instead of just looking at the pretty pictures.)

Also, I’m being nudged shoved towards learning how to do more digital stuff – of course, Because We Are Pov I don’t use a closed source, commercial (ie big BUCK$$) program like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  I use an open source program (GIMP) which does all the same stuff (as far as I can see) and is FREE and works on my computer (which is also running a FREE open source operating system,  based on Linux.)  And you know what? I can still use all the juicy tutorials online which people have written for PS or PSE, I just have to find where the same tools are on my screen.  Brilliant!

Only problem with all this is that when I am up and online, I am looking at far more graphic intensive pages than I used to – oops!  Time to think about re-working the budget so we can buy more bandwidth… that or stop LOOKING at so much!

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Scene: a backyard adjoining ours.

Time: This morning, around 10:30 (although, this is not the first time…)

Dramatis Personae: Two Evil Dogs Who Bark A Lot (one of whom is completely psychotic and charges the fence); One Evil Neighbour; Two Not Very Amused Witnesses.

Props: Lots and lots of dog poo, small hand held shovel, plastic bags (multiple).

Costume: Evil Neighbour – the PINK livery of a Certain International Donut Store with regal pretensions.

Suddenly, this journal page will NEVER APPLY AGAIN:

Sept 26

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Hello, come on in!


Come in, come in, don’t mind the boxes, still unpacking here, you know…

Can I get you a coffee? Tea? Water?

Why did I move? Oh, you know, the old place was just cramping my style.  Oh yeah, I still quilt, but “Caityquilter” just wasn’t the best fit anymore.  Don’t you think “Caity Makes …” is much better?  Lots roomier, better light, and I love the new storage space over here!

So – it might take me a while to settle in here, but I’m hoping the move will help me get things organised.  I reckon you need to move every so often just to sort out the clutter, keep what you REALLY need to keep. And of course there will be weeks of moving the furniture around until I get it just right.

“Caityquilter” will still keep going for a little while and I’ll leave that site live, but this is where I’ll be from now on.

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