Some days….

Under bed security camera...

Under bed security camera…

From @emmalumpdogg ‘s Twitter feed this morning… (I was busy nursing yet another/the same migraine…Daddy was walking Emmalumpdogg and discovering that a clean desk policy is no longer optional)

#ThingsEmmaMustNotDo, 129: They are “The Morning Cycling and Coffee Group”, not “Meals On Wheels”.

#ThingsEmmaMustNotDo, 128: Paper recycling is GOOD. Using my tummy to do it is NOT.

#ThingsEmmaMustNotDo, 127: Regardless of their promise of long-lasting energy, batteries are not to be eaten before Morning Walk.

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Photos mostly from this week….

I don’t often take photos of myself, but I did while I was waiting outside the supermarket while the wonderful Mr Belived did some shopping on Wednesday. (I’d just been to my psychologist appointment and was tired so I didn’t go in).image


Restless flycatcher, spotted on one of Mr Beloved’s walks with Emmalumpdogg.image The double barred finches think clever Mr Beloved’s bird feeder is the best dining spot in town!image image Rescued tortoise… Rainy morning, about 5 am, discovered by Emmalumpdogg. Poor tortoise had its neck stuck through fence but couldn’t walk any further of course, so Mr Beloved improvised rescue tools and released it down in a safe place by the creek.image Emmalumpdogg decided she is a hooman and therefore would like to try drinking out of water glass, thank you!imageMr and Mrs Superb Fairy Wren enjoy breakfast at the birdseed cafe.

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Does She dream of morning zoomies?

image image  image Tugga rope racing!image image imageAfter hard racing, a Koolie needs her poolie…imageDoes she dream of doing it all again tomorrow?

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The continuing adventures of Emmalumpdogg

I’ve had a three day migraine (so far) so poor Mr Beloved has been carrying the burden (again).

Tuesday was International Tiara Day, and we all played. ( why May 24? Queen Victoria ‘s birthday, apparently. There ya go.)

image image image image

Then, just to show she’s not all sweetness and light, Emmalumpdogg demonstrated  that she has hackles even on her tail!image

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Another owie…

Oh Emmalumpdogg! What happened this time?

Bandaged foot

Bandaged foot

I was playing zoomies in the Emmadrome, Mummy, and something made an owie on top of my foot! And I had to go to the vet and he shaved it and put sting-y spray on it and this funny bandage and now I have to walk funny!

Well, Emmalumpdogg, life is never boring with you around. The vet said it was a little slice cut on the knuckle of the toe, and the bandage needs to stay on a minimum of two days, the closer we can get to ten days the better.

He also said you’re so close to grown up, we should start to only feed you once a day, and this will be your last bag of puppy kibble. Well, you are nearly 11 months old now.

The misery!

The misery!

At least you’ve been cleared to keep taking Daddy for early morning walks,  so long as you try and keep your bandage dry.

Oh Emmalumpdogg!

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Still no sewing, but….

This was meant to post last week but we have been having LOTS of technical issues, grrrrrr.

Today (this would have been Tuesday 10th)I did get out to Spotlight, and had a lovely browse while Mr Beloved was off looking at plants at the nearby hardware shop. Didn’t know before I got out there that today was the last day of a four day sale of

40% off all fabric…and I’d previously eyed off this “almost Liberty of L0nd0n” lawn (so pretty!) and at that price?  Japanese printed, beautiful hand, down to $10.19 per metre? I would have bought more if I could, but I had a quick look at a blouse pattern and figured two metres should see me right for most things. (I also checked my current measurements against the pattern books and discovered that I most likely have multi-size patterns in my collection that I can use, bought when I was after the bigger end of the range, now I can use the slightly smaller. Some classic styles don’t need new patterns, yay!)

I actually went out there to buy the Simplicity pattern (1578) to make Emmalumpdogg a few clothes…she feels the cold already, and we’re supposed to be headed for a cold front, with predicted temperatures as low as minus four (C).

She seems to approve… Or at least want to interfere….

I haven’t done any sewing because I’ve been having tummy troubles again. Having an ultrasound on Thursday, then back to the Doctor. Hopefully it’s just gall bladder and they can get it sorted out, but I am right sick of it.image imageOh, I did buy one other pattern – Mum mentioned that Style Arc patterns were having a Mother’s Day sale on their Etsy shop, so I grabbed the Tania Tabard. I actually prefer the PDF patterns at the moment since I can blend the sizes, although the printing out and sticking together is a pain. Swings and roundabouts.

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Emmalumpdogg the international fashion icon, and Caity gets new spectacles

So we had an exciting mail day here during the week. I listen to a podcast made in LA called “Can I Pet Your Dog?” And there’s a Facebook group full of lovely friendly people who also listen, some of whom I chat to regularly online. And our little Emmalumpdogg’s photos and exploits get shared often.

One of those friends, Fiona, has started an Etsy business K9 Kerchiefs, and another friend, Stacy in Texas, secretly commissioned a present for Emmalumpdogg. And she just loves it!imageThe bandana is beautifully made, fastens with a snap, and is reversible!image(Our eyes look weird in this photo, it’s just a trick of the light)

Emmalumpdogg was so happy to have her little bandana, and she cried when I told her she wasn’t allowed to go outside and play in it! Kept pawing at it and begging to have it put back on, please! Even her Daddy agreed that she looked very cute. And this from someone who had previously expressed the opinion that bandanas on dogs were stupid, harrrrumph.imageMeanwhile, I FINALLY got my new seeing (distance) glasses. But I have to go back to the store tomorrow because of course they need adjusting, they hurt behind my ear. But at least I can SEE through this pair, only took two eye tests, multiple trips to the store for glasses that had to be remade that they’d then LOST, etc etc..

This will be my last set of separate seeing and reading glasses. I am wearing both pairs on strings, and before my new seeing pair arrived at one point I got so frustrated I did this:imageit’s a look, right? Arrrrgh! Time to admit that I can no longer read and watch the tv at once, at least, not without changing spectacles. So even though I’ve used up my health fund allocation for this year, I’m going to investigate just how much bifocals (or whatever they call them these days) cost, and save up, because it’s just too ridiculous. If I’d known how different my prescription was before this new glasses shenanigans had started, I would have gone with a single pair then. As it is, separate readers are useful for sewing and reading, so it’s not a total loss. But I don’t think I’ll be getting any more glasses from Sp3csavers, they have just messed me around too much!

Still no sewing. Hoping my Big Pfaffie might be serviced this week. And that I might get into the fabric stash to see if I have any better fabric for that dress… And the sewing room still needs work. So lots to do.

I had my flu shot on Thursday, after meeting with the nurse and my GP to get my allied health plans signed. (3 physiotherapy appointments, 1 podiatrist, 1 dietitian). Pretty sure that as usual, I picked up some sort of head cold in the waiting room.. Sniffles and headaches. Rotten germ factories, those waiting rooms! Mr Beloved gets his flu shot up at the pharmacy tomorrow, since I asked the GP to write him a script (he sensibly waits in the car away from the germs).


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Exciting times in my sewing room….

Well, my sewing room is still a disaster zone, and lots of clearing out is needed before I can see in there yet. But I decided to take a little side detour and remind myself of how pretty my Singer machines are.



That’s Elspeth, my 221K. Her official birthday (the date Singer allocated the first two letters of her serial number) is December 18, 1952..she was made in Clydebank, Scotland. And until today, when I photographed her American cousin, I had never noticed something special about her:image

see that dark ring around her badge? It’s actually navy blue, and it means she’s a Centennial baby.

Due to my memory issues, I can’t remember how she came to live with me, but I know I’ve had her a long time now. I think it was due to the kindness of a quilting friend. I do wish I could remember. If you know the story, please tell me. If it was you, please forgive me.image

And underneath here, we have Eliza, Elspeth’s American cousin.image

who came with a lovely set of attachments (yes, I know how to use all of them!) and an envelope addressed to a repairman in a leafy Sydney suburb. But Eliza still has her American motor attached, and her power cord is so dodgy I wouldn’t even think of plugging her in with the original, even with a transformer!image

Eliza is a 221-1, who was officially born on April 22, 1947, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.  She came to live with me when my darling brother came to visit in 2004, and called me from a car swap meet. “Hey, you want another one of those little sewing machines in boxes? The bloke wants $150, but I reckon I can get him down…” ( at least, I think that’s what he said… Again, memory. ☹️)image

See her super shiny gold badge? No band! The decals on the girl’s beds are the same, but their faceplates are different-Eliza is striped, Elspeth is scrolly. And Elspeth came pretty naked, just the sewing foot she had on, so over the years I confess I have raided my treadles for fancy feet when I needed them(shhh, I always put them back!)

So that’s my babies.

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Afternoon zoomies at the Emmadrome

image Life moves pretty fast when you’re Emmalumpdogg and it’s afternoon zoomie time. She was ready to run again after a drink and a five minute break. Ahhh, that Koolie energy! If we could only bottle it (and drink it to keep up!)image image image

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Getting under way… The Eva dress pattern

imageMy arthritic/fibromyalgia hands are very glad to have Carl the rotary paper cutter today, as I get to work cutting and sticking the Tessuti fabrics Eva Dress pattern together! (still have to cut the pattern with paper scissors eventually, but not all those extra bits off the pdf pages!)Dress will eventually look something like….Tessuti "Eva" dress

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