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And in the mornings….

Ms. Emmalumpdogg looooooves to track. She’s been waking her Daddy up early and taking him on long, interesting walks in the morning. Sometimes she even holds still for long enough for Daddy to take pictures of things… Like a flowering … Continue reading

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I’m back…

… from Adelaide, just very tardy in posting about it!  I had a lovely time as usual – a week is, as always, just a bit too short a time to spend with family, but then I really miss Mr … Continue reading

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the V.H.P.

So. Today I went to the Very Helpful Psychiatrist. I explained that I kept crying when I didn’t want to, that I felt like I was letting everybody down and being a burden by not being well. She gave me … Continue reading

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Pics from yesterday

We went to watch the eclipse (but kinda missed it.) I’ve already stuck these on Facebook, but for people who don’t go there: Notice the flowering privet in the bottom left – ACHOO!!  This is council land, and even though … Continue reading

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(Straight out of the camera) Super macro mode on the little Canon point and shoot. The cat and dog are fascinated by the cicadas and Christmas beetles that boing about the place this time of year…

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