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In which we are outnumbered

Bolly and Dorian have done it again – but we’ve never had four eggs all hatch before. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you’ll see that one of the white babies is so new its feathers weren’t … Continue reading

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The phone line is still wonky, so our internet access is limited.  And FRUSTRATING! ARRRRRRRRRGH!

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Because of the rain…

Our phone line is not working well.  We’re waiting on the Big TelCo to do something about it… meanwhile, access to teh interwebs will be sporadic.  Waaaaaaaaah!

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Housekeeping; 2 and a half journal pages.

Well, BLOG housekeeping – you didn’t think I’d suddenly developed a passion for actual housekeeping, did you?  I mean, in our house the dust buffaloes have NAMES and GRANDCHILDREN. You might notice (if you’re reading the actual blog, rather than … Continue reading

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Just another night in the suburbs…and some pages

So where have I been? Around. Just not doing much. This time of year is always a downer – the CROWDS, the relentless Christmas music… as I was driving back from my chiropractic appointment yesterday I had the local commercial … Continue reading

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Hello, come on in! Come in, come in, don’t mind the boxes, still unpacking here, you know… Can I get you a coffee? Tea? Water? Why did I move? Oh, you know, the old place was just cramping my style.  Oh yeah, I … Continue reading

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