Not much of a birthday…

Emmalumpdogg, you look exhausted!

Why yes, I AM! Mummy and Daddy took me in the car, and I cried and cried the whole 10 minute ride to the Vee Ee Tee, even though I love the people there, especially the new Vee Ee Tee lady who gave me lots of liver treats when she found out today was my first BIRTHDAY!

And then she took me on an adventure out to the back room to meet more hoomans, and have a manicure, which I looooove (seriously I do, I whine when Mummy and Daddy clip their nails).

BUT THEN the Vee Ee Tee lady was VERY RUDE to my bottom and the whole back room got a big smell of sardines, and the lady had to wipe my bottom a LOT with other pretty smelly stuff and ….

Well, I was told there would be pup cakes and party hats. NOT BOTTOM SQUEEZING AND SARDINE STINKIES!

image(Tomorrow, sweetie, tomorrow there will be pup cakes and party hats. We promise.??☺️)

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