Exciting times in my sewing room….

Well, my sewing room is still a disaster zone, and lots of clearing out is needed before I can see in there yet. But I decided to take a little side detour and remind myself of how pretty my Singer machines are.



That’s Elspeth, my 221K. Her official birthday (the date Singer allocated the first two letters of her serial number) is December 18, 1952..she was made in Clydebank, Scotland. And until today, when I photographed her American cousin, I had never noticed something special about her:image

see that dark ring around her badge? It’s actually navy blue, and it means she’s a Centennial baby.

Due to my memory issues, I can’t remember how she came to live with me, but I know I’ve had her a long time now. I think it was due to the kindness of a quilting friend. I do wish I could remember. If you know the story, please tell me. If it was you, please forgive me.image

And underneath here, we have Eliza, Elspeth’s American cousin.image

who came with a lovely set of attachments (yes, I know how to use all of them!) and an envelope addressed to a repairman in a leafy Sydney suburb. But Eliza still has her American motor attached, and her power cord is so dodgy I wouldn’t even think of plugging her in with the original, even with a transformer!image

Eliza is a 221-1, who was officially born on April 22, 1947, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.  She came to live with me when my darling brother came to visit in 2004, and called me from a car swap meet. “Hey, you want another one of those little sewing machines in boxes? The bloke wants $150, but I reckon I can get him down…” ( at least, I think that’s what he said… Again, memory. ☹️)image

See her super shiny gold badge? No band! The decals on the girl’s beds are the same, but their faceplates are different-Eliza is striped, Elspeth is scrolly. And Elspeth came pretty naked, just the sewing foot she had on, so over the years I confess I have raided my treadles for fancy feet when I needed them(shhh, I always put them back!)

So that’s my babies.

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