In which the earth moves…


20150205_161632Well, Connie is doing better. Her fur is growing back. Her enthusiasm for going to the park is even stronger.

She’s jumping on to the bed by herself most times now, something she had lost recently.  There’s still danger with this medicine, it can cause harm on its own, but so far it’s been positive…

Meanwhile, after spending $$$$ getting the car serviced last fortnight, today Mr Beloved got locked inside the car when the driver’s side door lock actuator failed! Luckily he was able to drive to our mechanic and turn himself into a contortionist to to get out. (the mechanic later explained the real trick of doing it which would have been much kinder to his poor old much abused back, but we’ll know if it ever happens again…) Anyway, the part is ordered, and for a mere! $500 we’ll be all fixed up tomorrow. With bugger all public transport here, not having a car isn’t an option, and we try to keep the mileage down – in fact, when we got it serviced, the workshop manager asked “does your car sit a lot?” We asked why and he said ” because there were a lot of spiders under there. A LOT.”

Our other excitement today was being woken up at just before 2 am by an earthquake! The actual quake was way up the coast from us, near Eidsvold and it was a 5.2, but what happened here was that the cockatiels went into a bird panic (not that unusual) so Mr Beloved and Connie got up to look after them; then I got up to go to the loo and WHOOOAAAA the whole house moved east to west then east to west again like the washing machine spin cycle was really out of kilter and realllllllllly strong and I said to Mr B ” the whole house just moved!” But he just wanted to get back to bed and sleep and said “I didn’t feel anything” so I thought I was imagining it, I was very upset! First thing when I woke up this morning I asked him “did anyone else in Toowoomba feel an earthquake?” And YES, even down to Brisbane! So I wasn’t crazy after all. At least, not about the earthquake. I don’t  remember ever feeling one before, it was really freaky.

My university course has finally gone live on the site, just as well since the first day is March 3! Yes, I’m doing my usual panic about it, even though in my session today with the Very Helpful Psychologist we talked about being kinder to myself. *sigh* its a work in progress .

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