She’s doing well

At the park


Connie’s test came back positive for Cushings disease, and she’s started on trilostaine – a medicine that comes with the warning to wear gloves when we give it to her. Her energy seems better, though, and she’s on a greatly reduced dose of insulin. We won’t really know how things are until the next lot of blood tests, but she’s happier, wants to go for walks in the park, and is back to being Little Miss Independent trying (and often managing) to jump up onto the bed by herself, which would seem to indicate that the treatment is helping with strength in her back legs.

A number of people have commented on our walks in the park that “you’d never know she was blind” and apart from the occasional overshoot when she jumps (!) onto her ottoman at home, or nose crashes into the gate in her over eagerness to get to the car, they’d be right. We don’t take her to the off leash area where there are lots of other dogs, but the occasional small dog owner or child she greets is surprised when I say “she’s blind”.

Early days yet, but hopeful.


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