so 2014 happened…

And let’s just say that we’re kinda glad that 2015 is here, huh? University was ok, but I was very stressed ( goal this year: learn to do this with LESS STRESS) and then I was sick for the middle 6 weeks of semester 2 with influenza type B. Somewhere in here Connie had pancreatitis really severely again. Then I had a big tooth out in hospital which took a looooooot longer to heal than I thought it would… I spent a lot of time feeling very miserable.

Attractive look, no?


Anyway, we eventually got to the end of the semester, with the help of extensions on work due from a very kind lecturer. And I got a good mark (but I still haven’t read her comments on my essay, that’s how much has been going on since and how completely OVER it I was by the time I submitted the work!)

And then our beloved Connie got sick. There was just something… Not Right. We rushed her to the vets and found out she had diabetes and had to start on insulin right away. A couple of days later she was completely blind.




ConnieShe’s coping remarkably well. Better than us. Her blood glucose levels still aren’t stable (she spends another day at the vet tomorrow for an all day blood glucose curve reading) but she’s still happy and playful, so we’re hoping we can get the right dose of insulin worked out for her to make the best of what she has left of her life. She’s ten and a half- if she hadn’t had those two bad bouts of pancreatitis we might have had a couple of extra years of our wonderful girl; as it is, every day is a bonus.

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