Uni results, semester 1

Yesterday was results day, and while previously the uni has said results would be released at 4pm, sometimes they’ve been available earlier … nope, not yesterday.  The servers crashed at exactly 1600 as eleventy squillion students all tried to log on at once.  I got through at about 4:30 to find….


High Distinction.

After the misery of the early part of the semester, and the terrible days when I only managed 100 words of the 2nd essay (which was worth 40% of the entire mark) over the course of an entire day…  I am EXTREMELY PLEASED. And relieved.  I have managed to get through Introduction to English Literature (ENL1000).

And now I can move on with some confidence to the next English Literature course, which is at second year level (the only offering at first year level did not appeal, so I decided to take a chance at the 2000 one) Gothic Stories: Terror over Time.  We start with Dracula…

The gazanias seems to survive where other things don't - hardy little plants!

The gazanias seems to survive where other things don’t – hardy little plants!

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