What a difference a week makes…

What a difference a week makes in the lives of baby birds.  Feeding around the clock will do that I guess…

The big two now are getting their quills - and getting cheeky!
The big two now are getting their quills – and getting cheeky!

The big two are already losing most of their yellow feathers and looking quite grey. And their little quiffs are starting to grow in.  They look adorable.

The little two only had one eye open each today. Still covered in baby fluff and still quite white.

As you can see they’re quite well fed – lovely full crops, and they’re standing well (although the full crops and lack of coordination as yet means they tend to roll rather than stand on softer surfaces.)

A trick of perspective here  - the little two really aren't this big!
All four together – there’s only a week or maybe 10 days developmental difference between the two pairs – what a difference!

We haven’t named any of these babies yet because we weren’t sure how many would survive. But so far it’s looking good. The parent birds are eating lots of extra seeds and lettuce to keep up with the demand.

In other news – we’re about to have another week of heatwave after a week of lovely mild temperatures. I’m not looking forward to it. 32 in here already today. And the shops are starting to sell WINTER clothes!

We had the plumbers in during the week to do some work around the house (haven’t got bill yet though, ouch) – replacing some old pipes that went from under the house to drains, moving a pipe that for some stupid reason had always stopped the back screen door from opening all the way (making the back steps a bit unsafe, especially when you’re negotiating them with a basket full of wet laundry) – well, I know the reason really, it’s because the laundry (and hence the back door and step etc) were only added on in the 1970s, so that’s the way it Just WAS… ARRRRRRGH – anyway, it’s finally fixed so I don’t have to worry about either of us taking a tumble there because we had to sidle through the door awkwardly now.

And that’s about it for now. More birdy photos later in the week.