In which we are outnumbered

yellow twins and teeny little white babies
yellow twins and teeny little white babies

Bolly and Dorian have done it again – but we’ve never had four eggs all hatch before. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you’ll see that one of the white babies is so new its feathers weren’t even properly fluffy yet.

And we still have Allie.

And Yarrow the flood bird who never got tamed.

Plus Mr Beloved’s troop of black and whites: juvenile butcher birds Pip (of great expectations) and sibling Squeak, who bring their parents Swoop and Butchie; and juvenile magpies Pie and Bone (although as I’m typing this an unknown young magpie has just turned up. Word is spreading.)  All of that lot turn up for shreds of strasburg sausage tossed to them – the butcher birds catch it on the fly; the magpies turn up and sing for it.

We’ve had some hothothot days (nearly 40C) but this week has been cooler.

Not much else happening – I’ve enrolled for my one subject I think I can manage at uni, but the first class isn’t until the start of March. It’s an English Literature unit.

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