End of Semester 1

Well, it’s the end of Semester 1 already!  I’ve just submitted my two final pieces of work – a portfolio of the exercises we did during class, with noted on why I chose the pieces I did; and an excerpt of my story I wrote together with an essay on why I edited it the way I did once I got it back from the first marking.  I wasn’t entirely happy with either assignment, but there wasn’t any point sitting and going over them any more – I’d reached an impasse, so it was time to put them in and just leave it to the marker to comment. And to remind myself that all I need is a PASS after all.

It’s raining as I write this and winter is doing its best to settle in – we’ve already had some cold nights, with more predicted for later this week.

I’m off to the Very Helpful Psychiatrist tomorrow: hopefully for a slight change in medication.One of the ones I’m on now seems to give me restless leg syndrome plus a slight tremor in my hands. Bugger. Swings and roundabouts. My mood improves but there’s a price to pay…

Semester 2 starts on July 15, so I’ve got a little bit of time on my hands to catch up with neglected household chores.  The sewing room continues to taunt me, but if I can get a tiny bit done each day… maybe it can turn back into a sewing room. Mr Beloved has been working like a Trojan (ha, family joke there!) down in the studio and making huge progress on getting rid of clutter.

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is supposed to reach our street soon – which means we should get much faster internet.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s about all from here. Happily nothing exciting to report!