Which, from Owl in Winnie the Pooh, of course means Happy Birthday.  Yep, it’s birthday week here at our house – mine, and Mr Beloved’s, and soon my wonderful Mum’s.

Today my scrapbooking girls gave me some lovely pressies and Wendy Jayne made a scrumptious cake – the recipe apparently involved coca cola and a packet of marshmallows (“minus three!”)  – the result was very rich and mousse-like.  I had a small piece and it was delightful.

birthday candles for blog

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Yep, I am 45, and very grateful to have got here.

Next week I’m off to Adelaide – Mr Beloved is staying home to tend the menagerie.  While I’m in Adelaide I’ll be seeing this exhibition of Turner’s works at the Art Gallery of South Australia; but the main reason I’m going is to enjoy being with family and to help out (although everything has been beautifully organised already by my super Sister in Law) with my Mum’s Birthday High Tea.

I’ve submitted my first piece of university work for the year, it’s worth 15 % of the course.  We’ll have to just wait and see how that goes.  The Disability Support Officer had an interesting point of view – she said the best thing that could happen would be for me NOT to get a High Distinction so I could see that the world didn’t crumble just because I got a Credit instead.  She’s right.

Apart from that, not much going on here – it’s been raining AGAIN and the weeds keep growing; we’ve had blackouts from storms twice this week but only for a couple of hours each time. We are well organised with wind-up torches so it’s just been a matter of going to bed a little earlier than usual.  I don’t have a back up battery for my CPAP machine, but I can get some sleep without it – just not very restful sleep because I wake up a lot!

So that’s it from here for now – more when I get back from Adelaide.