Semester 1, 2013…

So the first day back at uni went okay.  I had an appointment with the Disability Resources Officer, who is lovely, just to update my details and check that everything was going smoothly.  Turns out she’s a Georgette Heyer fan too, so we had quite a natter about which of the Regency Romances were our favourites 1 and how the historical novels were admirable for their research but not really so readable 2 (Mum  – I seem to remember Nana June having Heyer books around – I wonder am I misremembering? Was she a fan or were they for guests at the B&B or…?)

Semester 1 2013

first day
It was raining too hard to take the traditional ‘first day of school’ photo outside – the laundry had to do. What a scenic backdrop!

Here’s what I wore, and here’s a link to the model wearing the same dress.  I am going to have to sell off my clothes from last year (possibly even on ebay) because they are MILES too big on me now.  Very frustrating.  I know, it sounds like a nice problem to have. The shops assistants at my favourite shop (for curvier ladies) keep commenting on how narrow my shoulders are.  Probably because all my current clothes keep falling OFF my shoulders!

Right now I am very cross though – just had a call from the hospital and they have me all booked in for the colonoscopy and gastroscopy 3ON THE WRONG DAY.  Grrrr.  I had thought it was all organised so I wouldn’t miss uni: nope, they’ve booked me in to go in on the Tuesday and I have to be there by 2pm.  That buggers up going to a class that runs from 1 til 4 pm, doesn’t it?!  Oh well, it’s only one week.  And I know I can catch up and get the lecture notes online and the in class notes from someone.

And it’s such a GOOD class. We have a new lecturer 4, and she was brilliant yesterday.  She took feedback really well and seemed prepared to work with the group – only about 10 us on campus, I’m not sure how many are studying externally – in giving us challenging work and a better idea of what is actually expected in the assessment.   YAY!

We have had a little break in the weather today, and Mr Beloved got some washing out on the line – yay for Mr Beloved! We even –shock horror – saw some SUNSHINE instead of this constant grey gloominess and nonstop rain!  But more rain is predicted for the rest of the week. Boo, hiss.  We have had 592mm of rain this month in the rain gauge at the airport and I am CONVINCED that we get more rain here than there.  600mm!!  That’s a lot.  That’s REALLY a lot.  No wonder everything feels soggy and damp.  I think I’ll go get whatever feels dry now off the washing line before it gets rained on again…


  1. The Grand Sophy, Arabella, A Marriage of Convenience,  Cotillion
  2. I defy ANYBODY  to say My Lord John is Heyer’s best work – it lacks the witty dialogue and humanising characters that make Heyer sparkle.
  3. or as we keep calling it round here, up periscope and down periscope
  4. the uni has hired on casual rates again, boo hiss, I strongly disagree with this sort of hiring practice, but what can you do? This is, sadly, the reality of the academic world in 2013

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  1. I know you’ve had a rough year, but you look good & I continue to love the haircut! Here’s to Uni being great once again. I may have to drop my planned course at USQ, but I’ll still be taking a unit via Deakin so if you need a study buddy give me a call.

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