And it rained. And rained some more.  And then it rained AGAIN.  It’s raining NOW. We are thinking about supplies of gopher wood… 1 The forecast this week has either ‘thunderstorms’ or ‘showers’ every day, and roads have been closed in town today because of the amount of water over the road… which means that the ground has reached that critical soggy level where water is running off instead of soaking in: these are the conditions we had right before the 2011 flood event.  The swift water rescue team was called in to the intersection where people DIED in the 2011 flood. Yikes.  83 mm since 9 am today (at the airport, which I think is in a rain shadow – I’m sure we get more, but we don’t have a rain gauge here.  We should get one.) A ‘severe weather warning for heavy rain’ is what the Bureau of Meteorology says.  ‘Bloody wet again’, is what I say, ‘when are we going to be able to get the skip at this rate?’

And we had to go out in it today.  I had a doctor’s appointment (at the moment I have to see the GP at least once every fortnight, just to monitor stuff. 2 I was worried that I might have put on weight with the new pysch medicine (zypr3xa zyd0l) that the Very Helpful Psychiatrist has put me on.  It’s supposed to help with the bipolar stuff but mostly help me sleep (ahhhh! Normal sleep patterns! That would be nice!). I haven’t put on any weight, I’m holding steady at 85kg.

So the Good GP (she is Very Helpful and very much on the ball) filled out all the paperwork 3I needed to get my Drivers Licence renewed (I need a medical certificate because of the CPAP, Bipolar, and because I wear glasses. Not that I drive very often, but there are laws in Queensland that say I have to have these conditions noted, so we have to follow the rules.)  And the 2013 Fluvax had arrived, so Mr Beloved and I had our flu jabs for the year.  We believe in herd immunity and hope every year that the vaccine has the right mix to stop us getting the flu – the one year we did come down with flu and both got sick we were really crook for about 8 weeks each.  So fingers crossed.

Uni starts tomorrow.  (And that’s as far as I got yesterday… so I’ll post this and continue.)


  1. we’d need a second poodle too,if we’re really going to go that route…
  2. weight, electrolytes, changes in medications – you know, stuff
  3. and there is a lot of paperwork – 4 A4 pages
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