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Semester 1, 2013…

So the first day back at uni went okay.  I had an appointment with the Disability Resources Officer, who is lovely, just to update my details and check that everything was going smoothly.  Turns out she’s a Georgette Heyer fan … Continue reading

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And it rained. And rained some more.  And then it rained AGAIN.  It’s raining NOW. We are thinking about supplies of gopher wood… The forecast this week has either ‘thunderstorms’ or ‘showers’ every day, and roads have been closed in … Continue reading

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(tap tap tap) Is this thing on?

If anyone out there’s still reading, here’s where we’re up to. When last we saw Our Heroine, (me!) I was having trouble eating. It got worse. To the point where I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t eat.  The worst day … Continue reading

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