End of Semester Two…

At 2:14 today I submitted my final work for CWR1000.  PHEW!!  It’s been a tough 15 weeks, which is why I have been mostly absent from the blog.  I’ve had a rotten period of mixed mania, followed by a bout of depression where I had big problems with not having much appetite and lots of anxiety, and my weight has dropped accordingly (I guess some would see that as a silver lining…)

In my new Dr Who t shirt

I am confident of a pass in the university subject, and have really enjoyed it – after all, Creative Writing was why I wanted to go back to university – and anything more than a pass will be a bonus.  The 2000 word short story got 87% on the first go around; (it was worth 25% of the semester’s mark) the next part of the assignment (submitted today) was to re-edit it substantially and provide 200 words of notes on the reasons for the changes.  It’s such a small framework to work in, but I hope I’ve managed to pull it off.  That’s worth 30% of the overall mark.

The other work handed in today was a portfolio of all of the in-class exercises, notes on the readings, and reflections on the exercises throughout the course. And that’s worth the  30%.  I hope I’ve covered that off sufficiently but if I haven’t – well, it’s too late to stress about it now, its already in the university’s computer.  (The remaining 15% for the semester was for the 500 word descriptive piece waaaay back in August, and I got 83%.)

So what now? Well, on Wednesday I’m off to Adelaide to see my lovely family!  My brother will be 40 on Friday and they’re having an “at home” for him on Saturday.  I can’t wait to catch up with everybody and just hang out.  I am anxious about leaving Mr Beloved and Miss Constance, of course, and will miss them terribly for the week I am away, but it will be so wonderful to be with Mum and Dad and Gordon and Ju and Hanneul (if I get to see him, I think he’s very busy…) I haven’t seen my family in far too long.  We speak on the phone to Mum and Dad every Sunday night, but there’s nothing like actually just sitting down to a meal or three together to catch up.  I’m on direct flights from Brisbane to Adelaide this time, too, so much easier than having to rush through the Sydney terminal to change planes.

The when I come back I am determined to tackle the project that has been hanging over me for too long – The Sewing Room Of Shame.  We need the room back. I spoke to my psychologist about it yesterday, and my mental health nurse, and I think I am ready to start it…one little box, 15 minutes at a time…

…and on November 12, Semester 3 of university starts. Fun.  Because my poor muddled brain can only manage one subject per semester I  have to do subjects in Semester Three each year, whether I want to or not.  Luckily this year it’s one of the ‘core’ subjects that everybody doing a B.Arts is forced to do: CMS1000, Communication and Scholarship.  I bought the textbook today – $98 KACHING thankyouverybloodymuch, and I couldn’t even buy a second hand copy as the course requirements specify the 2013 edition.  My only consolation is that I will be able to sell it easily to someone in Semester 1 next year, when hordes of incoming first years will be doing it.  I know other textbooks are much more expensive, but really, when you see the content in this one  – !  And because it’s such a limited course offering, you can’t buy it from anywhere except the uni bookstore.

I’m doing this subject as an ‘external’ student, which will be interesting – I’m going to have to make sure I keep in contact with my friends I made  in Semester 2, or I’ll go a wee bit stir crazy from lack of people contact perhaps.

So that’s about it from here. It’s hot and there’s a lot of smoke haze – 31C and bushfires burning to the north and east of Toowoomba. (Areas that flooded last year now have high fuel loads, and several fires have started from lightning strikes… this is the way the cycle runs, unfortunately.) The other night there was so much smoke in the air the moon was blood red. and both Mr Beloved and I needed extra asthma medication – not fun. It’s clearer today but still hazy.


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