Well, the Very Helpful Psychiatrist was indeed Very Helpful.  I can take another medicatíon to help with the worst of the tremors (which she says are definitely caused by the medicatìon for the bîpolar) and I can start to cut down on the short term medicatión to treat the mixed mania, and wean myself off it by the end of the fortnight.  YAY!  I still have to see the mental health nurse once a week, to make sure I’m not going off the rails, but that’s a Good Thing.

Today I saw my lovely GP and had my blood pressure checked (I’m sure it’s not meant to go whoosh whoosh whoosh thought my ears quite that loudly at night  – is it? But she says it’s fine) and was weighed again. I hadn’t lost any more weight, but I’m still not hungry for much of anything sweet. I had to moosh up the sliver of birthday cake the other day because it was just too rich for me to eat – all that butter and chocolate frosting just made me feel sick, not happy.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was the one making batches of the same sort of frosting for birthday cakes and enjoying it, but now they just taste  like too, too much of a good thing.  Like eating an entire block of chocolate when you only want one square.

I don’t know if that’s a side effect of the medication (maybe, because of the burnt tongue sensation?) but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I did eat most of a piece of date slice when we were out yesterday, but I felt sick after that, too – I could have stopped at about half instead of three quarters. (It was the first time we’d had a treat while we’d been out in months, so I wanted to not waste any, but … next time I’ll ask for it as takeaway and bring some home.)

The egg carton foam overlay has proved worth the money so far – Mr Beloved says he can certainly notice the difference as well.   I can’t feel the lumpiness of the mattress and the innersprings aren’t digging into my pressure points as badly. I’m still waking up with pain, and I’m not sleeping through the whole night, but it’s better than before we had the overlay. Not bad for $125.  Now once I get this uni assignment out of the way and start getting my days better organised, maybe my sleep patterns will get even better.

I heard back from my uni lecturer about the draft of my 2000 word story today  – ‘VERY strong’ – I know what I need to work on before I submit it on Friday now, and it’s just some minor changes and strengthening the climax part of the story, getting rid of some stuff that’s nice but less crucial. ‘Just’ doing that isn’t quite that easy, but it’s doable.

The important part is that it is almost all DONE. The dog has not eaten it.  I have not stressed out too much about it (apart from the occasional time when I have woken up and thought ‘arrgh, of course that part needs to change!’ but that was mostly last week.  Tomorrow should see a good few solid hours of hair tearing and then the draft should be ready to submit – with a rest day for good measure before Friday’s deadline.

I am looking forward to seeing my chiropractor in the next hour – regardless of what you might think of chiropractic (and I will go on the record as saying some of the theories behind it are a little wonky sounding to me) I do get relief when my chiropractor does the gentle manipulations that seem to put my hips and especially the area around my damaged L2 vertebra back where they’re meant to be.  I’m not going to knock it while it works. YMMV.

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