First assignment is in!

Well, the first assignment for CWR1000 is DONE. I pushed the ‘SUBMIT’ button on the university’s electronic system at about three thirty this arvo, after a final read through to Mr Beloved, and was satisfied with what I’d written.

It was only a short piece, but designed to test us on punctuation, syntax, and how well we could use 500 words to write a description.  And the piece had to flow without being narrative.  All of that is harder than it sounds: for me, the biggest challenge was making sure I covered all of the senses and gave a feeling of the spirit of the place I was writing about without going too far over the word limit (10% over or under the word count is the accepted norm for university assignments).  Anyway, it’s done.

The next assignment is a 2000 word piece, fiction or creative non-fiction (deep breath) due on September 3.  Eeek! I am really enjoying the course and have found a study buddy around my own age,  so it couldn’t been more different from the stress and misery that last semester’s uni course caused me.  I think it’s partly because I’m more relaxed about the outcomes of this subject (I’m less concerned with marks and more interested in just learning to be a better writer) and partly that I’m doing the subject that I went back to uni to actually study – creative writing.

I still worry that I’m falling behind and not doing enough, especially as I’m adapting to a new med1cation (arrgh).  The Very Helpful Psychiatrist doubled the dose when I saw her on Friday and I am finding the ‘extra pyramidal side effects’ tricky to manage, although the medicati0n itself does seem to be helping.  *sigh*  All I can do is keep trying …

… Especially when the harassment by the neighbours is ongoing, dammit.  Mr Beloved had to explain to the local council that we have every intention of mowing the bloody yard, and that the complaints made by next door are part of her passive aggressive behaviour in retaliation for our having called the police about her excessive stereo noise.  We’ve been advised again to keep a diary: this could end up having to go before a magistrate.  Sheesh.  All we want is a quiet life.

Meanwhile, Toowoomba has been very windy, and the wattle has been blooming.  AHHHHHHHCHHOOOO!  Snifffnufflesniff.  Tissues are being used at a a great rate in this household, and we’re not alone if the bare shelves in the supermarkets are any indication.  Wattle is very pretty but the pollen is very sneeze making.

And now I am turning off the computer because my neck hurts.  I’ve been sitting in an odd position and I need to lie down and rest my head – oh dear.





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