Stressed out, so look at the pretty picture instead.

So far we’ve had to call the police 4 times in the last 24 hours about the next door neighbours.  I had a mini nervous breakdown while on the phone to the police this arvo, and Mr Beloved had to take over.  The issue is the usual one: the neighbours think they have the right to play their  DOOMPH DOOMPH DOOMPH DOOMPH music as loudly as they like whenever they like, and we disagree.

After the visit last night we thought we’d get at least 12 hours reprieve.  But at around noon the noise was unbearable again, and the police attended again: and the rule is that the equipment can be confiscated if there’s another complaint within 12 hours.

So the neighbours called in reinforcements: the hoon car with the even louder stereo.  Which they parked in the street with the sub woofer rattling the paint off all nearby surfaces, while they retreated into their house.  (It was around this point while I was on the phone to the police that I couldn’t speak coherently anymore and collapsed into a shaking heap in the bed, and had to hand over to Mr B.)  Unfortunately they know how to play the game – they shut off the noise at exactly half an hour and left.  And the police can’t act unless the noise is still happening when they arrive.

All we can do is make diary entries when this happens, to establish a pattern of harassment. *sigh*


Needless to say, I didn’t get much done today.  My nerves are bloody shot. I didn’t sleep well last night, worrying about what might be coming by way of retaliation. And I’m nervous about what will happen when the neighbours come home tonight – whether they’ll start up again for just long enough to harass us.

Meanwhile: I miss our poor old cat. She didn’t make me read like this. Moet cat did.

And speaking of reading: yes, I am already feeling like I am falling behind at uni. If tomorrow is quiet and I can get some writing down that will help.


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2 Responses to Stressed out, so look at the pretty picture instead.

  1. Marcie says:

    How horrible for you! You can always reflect that they will eventually go deaf, but it’s not much help now, I know. Hope you get some study done tomorrow – can you go elsewhere to work, library, park, local cafe?
    Maybe industrial ear muffs would help?

    • Caityquilter says:

      Thanks, Marcie – after the drama I needed a bed day. Luckily I can do nearly a full study day tomorrow after I get my new glasses adjusted (there’s always that spot where new glasses rub behind one ear!) Good suggestions though – if it happens again I can always drive out to uni and use the library. I must remember that. Mr Beloved wears his industrial ear muffs, but the sub-woofers in the neighbour’s stereo are so strong that our floorboards and walls actually rattle. Living in little wooden houses built close together is something like living in speaker boxes when that much power is pumping.

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