So I saw my lovely GP today, mostly to get (yet another) form signed for the Great Big Government Department Which Controls Our Lives.  Since I’m having a bit of a fibromyalg1a flare we decided some blood tests would be a good idea, and then she asked ‘Have you lost weight?’

‘Yeah, people keep asking me that…’

Turns out, yes, I have.  Another 10 kg since I last got on the scales in March, and another 7 cm off my waist.


That would explain why those jeans looked odd now. And why the fat-chick-size pantyhose I bought kept falling down: I just attributed it to them losing their stretch in the wash. Didn’t occur to me that I might have needed the slightly smaller size.

I don’t know my waist measurement, I was too shocked by the number on the scale – 107 kg – to pay attention to the tape.  When I left Canberra I weighed 103 kg. I have been as large as nearly 130 kg.

Really, none of this…

The thing is, I haven’t been TRYING to lose weight.  With the insomnia, I have been exercising even LESS than usual.  I’m still eating donuts if they are marked down at the supermarket or we feel like it. So… I’m not jumping up and down with joy at the weight loss until I’m sure I’m okay, you know?

That sounds awfully pessimistic.  Maybe it’s just because we’ve stopped having sweet biscuits in the pantry, I’m not baking, and I’m just not eating as much now that I don’t  take that wretched atypical-anti-psych0tic ser0quel anymore. (I will be forever grateful to the Very Helpful Psychiatrist for getting me OFF that horrible horrible drvg, and on to something which works better for me.  If it was the only thing she had ever managed to help me with it would have been enough to earn my trust forever.)

And, burying the lead in a big way: today I got the result for Essay 2 of last semester. 87.5%. Which is an HD. And if I’d actually written an introduction I could have gotten a higher mark, so oops, eh?  Before I have to do any more subjects that need essays I think I’d better get some help with how to write the darn things.

Still no official result for Semester 1 overall but if my maths is correct (and it rarely is) I *think* that means an HD.  I’ll let you know.

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