At last, some GOOD news!

Week one of Semester Two officially starts tomorrow, and no, I still don’t have my results for Semester One.  Nor does anyone else who took the subject I did in Semester One.  The @%#*@%*^%*% cow has not released the marks and I am not the only one unhappy about it.

But in much happier news, the Creative Writing course (CWR1000) has an official teacher, who HAS already got Week One’s coursework up online, complete with lecture, and he sounds sensible and like someone I can work with. SUCH A RELIEF. He’s a freelance writer and podcaster ( from Brisbane.

For a start he said “IGNORE the timetable that said class starts at eight am, that’s a mistake, class has always been meant to start at NINE am, expecting anybody to write creatively at eight am leads to madness”. (I’m paraphrasing slightly here, but you get the drift.) The timetabling had been totally screwed up, the class had only ever meant to be three hours, not four.  ARRRRRRRRGH.

So all my stressing about how the HELL I was going to manage an eight am start is GONE. WHOOSH.  Nine am is still tricky – I’m still NOT GOOD AT MORNINGS – but it’s far more manageable than eight.

In other news – the plumber has not yet returned.  But in his defence it has been miserable and foggy and rainy for most of the week, and I wouldn’t want to be doing work outside in the cold wet with water either.

The electricity bill arrived and was more than we expected – not just because the tariffs have increased yet again, but probably because of the problem with the hot water system having been leaking without us knowing it, since it was leaking in a tricky way inside itself because of the broken valves and  – this is where I just give up and go ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH again.

(But the horrid neighbour next door who had been running the very old, very NOISY window mounted air conditioner rattling and throbbing 3 metres away from our bedroom window 24/7 has not turned it on ONCE since the electricity bills arrived – I’m guessing hers broke the four figure mark. HAH!)

The insomnia is still terrible.  No matter what time I take my evening medicine, no matter what time I stop my caffeine intake, no matter what time I stop any blue light (computer or TV): at about two thirty in the morning my brain wake me up with chatter.  And not useful chatter, or ruminative thoughts – terrible annoying stuck-on-a-word-or-phrase repetitive chatter like the cockatiels do.  Once I realise it’s happening I can get out of it but then I’m AWAKE. And I end up staying AWAKE.

Obviously I need to talk the the Helpful Psychiatrist about this one…


still haven’t done the vacuuming…