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So. Tired.

Ugh. So I just LOVE having rapid cycling Bipolar Disorder.  Yep.  Love it.  Because now I have moved into what the psychiatrist calls a ‘mixed state’ which translates as ‘don’t know if I’m going to be ok or burst into … Continue reading

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So I saw my lovely GP today, mostly to get (yet another) form signed for the Great Big Government Department Which Controls Our Lives.  Since I’m having a bit of a fibromyalg1a flare we decided some blood tests would be … Continue reading

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At last, some GOOD news!

Week one of Semester Two officially starts tomorrow, and no, I still don’t have my results for Semester One.  Nor does anyone else who took the subject I did in Semester One.  The @%#*@%*^%*% cow has not released the marks … Continue reading

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Plumbing – not mine, the house!

Now, I have been accused in the past of sharing over much on my blogs, but I can assure you that this time the plumbing I refer to is NOT mine  – not ghastly stories of leaking fluids from ME … Continue reading

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