Long time no post… and the very sad news of the imminent demise of Miss Kit Tern.

I THINK it’s done.  I’m seeing the tutor again tomorrow before  class for a quick check over it… then we can move on to stressing about Essay 2! YAY!

Wrote that last Wednesday.  Been busy.

Yep, got it done, submitted it on Friday, phew.  Now stressing about Essay 2, as predicted. It’s worth 45% of the marks for the semester.  Essay 1 was worth 40%.

The depression is a bit better.  I cried when I heard that Maurice Sendak had died, but hey, didn’t everyone? I saw the Helpful Psychiatrist again this last week ($$$ ouch) and I’m staying on the higher dose of med1cation for a while.  Hmmm.  The silver lining is that we’ve hit the government’s safety net so we get most (not all) of our prescript1on med1cation for the rest of 2012 for free.  We’re also about to hit the Med1care safety net so the doctors visits get significantly cheaper, too. Yay.

The Big Bad Tooth is okay so long as I don’t chew anything hard on it, or let my face get cold.  Coming into Winter, with some overnight temperatures already as low as 3C, that’s fun… but I’m doing my best not to upset it.  I saw my regular, lovely dentist on Monday 15th and she agreed that if we can just let it settle down, we might be able to avoid extraction…

Poor old silly old cat is not doing so well – she’s weeing in corners.  I am reluctant to have that as the only reason for her demise, but I fear her kidneys are going… and we won’t let her struggle on in pain.  For now, she’s happy but a bit  demented. I’ll keep cleaning up after her for a while yet. I hope someone eventually is as kind to me. Since writing that, the time has come… she just isn’t in there a lot of the time any more, when you look behind her eyes Miss Kit Tern has already gone somewhere else.  It’s getting painful watching her walk down the yard, let alone up the stairs.  And while she’s drinking a lot and weeing a lot, so far she doesn’t seem to be in that awful rapid stage of kidney failure, thank goodness.  We will be able to spare her that.

(pardon the blurriness – it’s not you, it’s a low tech phone photo)

Today Mr Beloved dug the hole;  there is a lovely mobile vet service vet who will be coming to the house on Friday and poor old cat-cat will drift off to sleep in the arms of those who love her, with Miss Connie Woodle kissing her goodbye.  We didn’t want to stress the cat by taking her to the vet – the only time she’s ever been was when she was a teeny little kit and had her “no more kittens out of this one!” operation, so we were very glad to find a mobile service who could come to us.

We’re very sad – Miss Kit Tern is 15 and has been a very good cat – apart from a few mice a sparrows when she was a younger and more agile hunter, she’s never attacked the wildlife, and she adapted remarkably well to the sudden appearance 8 years ago of the cockatiels, followed a few months later by Miss Constance the poodle…

Speaking of whom, we’re worried that she might grieve almost as much as us.  We weren’t going to get another cat – and we really can’t afford another dog (we DEFINITELY can’t afford another toy poodle) but if Connie doesn’t cope on her own we’ll have to re-assess the situation.  Oy vey…  Connie’s already clued in to the idea that something different is going on, the cat is not behaving “properly”  and we are making too much of a fuss of a the cat (which makes for a grumpy dog with GREEN jealous eyes).

So … many tears, many happy memories of a lot of good purrs, but at the moment I am mostly in teary mode.  So you’ll pardon me if I don’t post again for a while…



4 Replies to “Long time no post… and the very sad news of the imminent demise of Miss Kit Tern.”

  1. Oh I am so sad to read about Miss Kit Tern. I know how it feels when you lose and animal companions who is part f your family I hope Miss Connie is OK too. Take care.

    1. Thank you, Cindy – give the lab girls an extra hug from us from Miss Kit Tern as she goes….

  2. Caity – so sorry to hear about your cat. We had to let our beloved miniature schnauzer go just after Christmas when he suffered a severe stroke. It breaks your heart to lose them, but that is the price you pay for all the love and joy they bring you. Glad to hear you have turned a corner with the depression.

    1. Thanks, Hilary – yes, it is just heartbreaking, but it is the price we pay – so sorry to hear about your little one too.

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