Bashing my head into my desk. Repeatedly.

It’s Easter. And we all know what that means for those of use lucky enough to live within range of the BOOOM BOOM BOOM THUD THUD THUD of Easterfest EasterPEST – nonstop NOISE from Friday.  From morning til at least 11pm.  This happens every year and the local council refuses to do anything about it. (I will NOT dignify it with a !^@*% link, it’s an allegedly Xtian Rock festival “Drug and alcohol free” – yeah, right). Vote for change this coming local government election, fellow 4350 residents!

Last night Mr Beloved measured the noise from our back yard at 10:15 pm at 74.1dB – to give you an idea, lawnmowers are only allowed to be 75 dB.  Calling the “hotline” is pointless since it is – SURPRISE!  managed by the event.  As Mr Beloved has noted, it’s like calling the fox to report a disturbance in your henhouse.  Calling the council is just as useless: they measure the sounds levels AT THE PARK where the event is being held, not HERE where the noise is a problem!!!

Add to that the noise from Drunketta & Sullenteena’s stereo next door and I literally CANNOT HEAR MYSELF THINK. And Little Djuana Belting ‘s SCREAMING on top of that  – not that they can hear him over the stereo…

…I can’t do uni work, I can’t read, I can’t sleep (since our bedroom is less than 3 metres from Drunketta’s house.) There’s no point calling the police (since they take hours to come, there’s no guarantee the noise will still be happening when they do get here…) so I just have to suck it up.  And take my special p1lls that stop me from having a complete and utter meltdown EVEN THOUGH THAT’S WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I AM SO FUCKING OVER THIS NOISE.

And before you ask – no, we can’t go away for Easter -we have no money and we have animals to look after, And why should we be driven out of our home by the stupid Easterpesters?  ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!  There’s more arguments to be made there but I just can’t do it right now – I am just DONE.

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2 Responses to Bashing my head into my desk. Repeatedly.

  1. Jane says:

    How long have you lived in Toowoomba for?
    Did you remember the first AGMF? Over 10 years have past, and it has grown exponentially over the last few. You may be right it has out grown, or over grown its place in town.
    It they do give in to the locals and move it, they may as well as move it to Brisbane. There wont be as much travel cost involved to get so much equipment there. And as for injection of tourist $ then I hope in a few years they find something else to fill the gap. The business will notice. Tell all your friends to fill this out, so they can get a clearer picture of what was spent where.
    If they were to move it to the show grounds, then what about the people out there too. They haven’t had that much “Noise” out there and the same will happen just without the injection of tourist dollar, cause I know I’m not gonna drive into town just to see a band or 2 and spend some money!
    Next year I’m spending all my money at home and bringing food with me.
    Or I will just boycott it, but seeing as it has been a tradition for me to go nearly every year since 1998, that will be very sad.
    I believe it did boost Toowoomba. I know I spent way too much that weekend, that money could have gone towards my renovations. I think you need to be happy that your sleepy little town is being showcased to big international Artists. The name Toowoomba at the moment is well known, but maybe not for much longer.

    • Caityquilter says:

      Jane, I have lived here 8 years, Mr Beloved has been here for 15, and the noise has become more of an issue every year.

      Quite honestly, I am just OVER it. And I don\’t really want to even discuss it any more, sorry. Yay for Toowoomba if it really makes that much of a difference, but the noise issue needs to be dealt with honestly and transparently.

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