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Still down. First Uni assignment result in. Not much else.

So –  not much news.   Med1cation level increasing but so far – meh. Mark for the first assignment was finally released  –  on Thursday – I got  97.6%, which is a High Distinction.  When I got the marker’s sheet, I … Continue reading

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Depression. SUX.

Saw the Helpful Psychiatrist today.  She’s very good, but right now – everything is very …meh.  We’re increasing the main med1cat1on a LOT in an attempt to get me out of this slump. The problem with b1polar depress1on, as the … Continue reading

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Bashing my head into my desk. Repeatedly.

It’s Easter. And we all know what that means for those of use lucky enough to live within range of the BOOOM BOOM BOOM THUD THUD THUD of Easterfest EasterPEST – nonstop NOISE from Friday.  From morning til at least … Continue reading

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