Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s Tuesday lunchtime, and  I’m sitting amongst the undergraduate cacophony in the commons, on a rainy day, in the covered downstairs area where we plug ourselves in at the library.  Little half height carrels of laptop enclosures, where we stare at our screens, absorbed in work or pretending to work… while chatter at our backs and the whirrrrrrrrrr of the espresso machine at the front reminds us that this is a place for socialising as well as study – or perhaps more for socialising than study.

I’ve just had another wasted hour of lecture time, and I am cross. Grumpy. Annoyed.  I am struggling with the real work of the course – what I see as the real work, anyway – while time is being eaten up on the trivia of referencing and “can you do an advanced web search?” ARRRRGH!

One of my dear (online) friends has pointed out that the lecturer is dealing with children with unformed brains, and the only way to get these ideas into their heads is to pound it in over and over again.  Ah.  Right. Yes. I hadn’t considered that.  Interesting to note, however, that attendance at the lecture was about a third of the usual crowd.

And now it’s Wednesday, almost time to start making tea, and I’ve had a lousy day… Mr Beloved was crook the other day and I think I’ve managed to pick up whatever it was he had.  Let’s just note that moving too far away from the loo would not have been a good idea, and move on.

I didn’t go to group today.  I did manage to check over my assignment (and catch a couple of silly mistakes in referencing formatting that would have cost marks – using ‘and’ instead of the ampersand (‘&’) for example when multiple authors are involved.  Oh yes, these things matter.)

I have the red one!

In happier news I am now the proud possessor of  Moleskine LEGO journal! For which I have to thank one of my oldest friends (not in terms of age, but in terms of longevity of friendship – in fact, I think only the girl I went to kindergarten with can claim a longer span.) Thanks, RF, I am only waiting on my new pen with a bigger nib to arrive before I start using it: all my life I have used fine point pens but now my hands are so sore, I’m hoping a larger point will force my writing movements to un-cramp and maybe let me write more than a sentence at a time.

And now it’s tea time.



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