*headdesk* heading into Week 4…

So, hands up how many of you guessed that by Week 3 I would be FRUSTRATED with this course?

That many of you?  Huh.

I am jealous of my time.  I need a  lot of sleep.  I am finding it difficult to manage how much time the course requires.  So having to spend both the lecture AND the tute time last week in what I considered to be a complete waste of my time was really, REALLY annoying.

The lecture was spent going over the first assignment in laborious detail.  With the lecturer pointing out that we probably needed to PRINT OUT the guide to the assignment as well as the assignment, even if we were going to submit the assignment electronically.  ARRRRRRRRGH!   Then the tute went over the same thing. AGAIN.  Except this time in the library.  Which we can all access from HOME because that’s the way the university system is set up.  So that was a waste of time, really, too.

And guess what? This week the lecture is on… MORE stuff for the first assignment!  Which, I should point out is worth 15% of the the course, but is only a library exercise to prove you can look up stuff and reference it properly. Yes, essential for a uni student but honestly – not worth TWO WEEKS when we’re struggling with identifying ontological metaphors in the newspaper article on which we’re meant to conduct a “textual analysis” and THAT’S worth 40%  of the course.


*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

Oh, and did I mention there was a lovely situation last Tuesday night out the front of our place where a very violent young man assaulting a young woman… we called 000, it took forever for the police to come, and then the police just left them there (because there was nothing the police could do since the young woman wouldn’t press charges…)Eventually they moved on but it was fraught and took several cups of sweet tea before I calmed down.  I started working on some of my past trauma in therapy this week.  Yep.  Much fun.

And now I’m going to finish this !@*^&% assignment and get back into finding examples of ontological metaphors so I’m very sure I understand them.