Busy week…

Uni is HARD.  Did I mention that before?  I expected it to be hard.  What I didn’t expect was that it would be quite this difficult.

It’s not that the work itself is difficult to understand.  Yes, there are new things to learn – that’s why I’m going, after all.

What I’m finding hard is just the sheer amount if TIME it take me to do everything.  We’re supposed to do 10 hours of private study per week as well as the lecture and tute – it’s taking me closer to 20 to get through the coursework and reading.   And that’s NOT because I’m being a perfectionist – I am firmly keeping in mind that “P’s get degrees” – I do not need a High Distinction pass, I just need a Pass. But as my Helpful Psychiatrist wrote on my medical certificate, I now have a “decreased capacity to concentrate, assimilate and demonstrate knowledge”.  20 + years of mental illness and various psych drugs, and chronic pain will do that to you.

So I need to get back to it.   But if you want someone to explain the difference between structural, orientational, and ontological metaphors, I can do that… provided you get in NOW, before my brain has to take in something else….

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