First Day of Big School

And with it, the Traditional First Day of School photo:

Off to big school!

(come on – your family did this too, right?  School uniform and bags, out the front of the house?)

This was truly the best of the photos – I was grumpy this morning, oh dear! Not least because I had got myself all nicely settled last evening at around 9:15 pm for an early night when with an almighty VOOOOMP fzzzzttt – the power went off.


Third time in three weeks. And no power means no CPAP machine means NO SLEEP.


Fortunately the power came back on about 1:15am, so I got to sleep not long after.  But I was grumpy.

Still, we got out to the university all right  –  it takes 15 minutes at that time of morning, not bad at all.  That was a bit of an indulgence, having Mr Beloved drive me – normally I’ll be catching the bus. Which takes nearly an hour, so I’ll have lots of time to read or catch up on podcasts.

Keeping in mind Dad’s admonitions on the phone last night to “not cry when Mr Beloved drops you off, just go inside, get out your crayons, and play with the other kids” (the same advice he gave me for kindergarten, I’m sure!) I found the lecture theatre, hauled myself to a seat up near the top where my need to get up and walk and stretch shouldn’t get in anyone’s way, and was immediately intimidated by how damn YOUNG all my classmates were.  There’s a couple of other “mouldy oldies” but the majority are kids.  Eeek!

I just have to keep reminding myself that when I was 18, I thought *I* knew everything, too.

The first lecture was mainly orientation and introduction – much of the course will be conducted online (whether you’re an on-campus or external student) so the lecturer went over how important it was to know where all the online stuff lived.  Right. Gotcha.

I’m still waiting (ARRRGH!  Is it here yet?  How about now?  Could you just check, in case you forget to put the parcel card in my post office box? No?  ARRRRRGH!!!) for my text book.   And no, the town library doesn’t have a copy and all the uni library copies are unavailable… if my copy hasn’t arrived by Saturday I’ll try the uni library then.

And now I am being naughty and looking at pictures of the Oscar frocks, because I am tired and there’s only so much communications theory my brain can deal with in one day.

Group therapy tomorrow, then first tute on Thursday.

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    1. LOl! Yep, Dad is generally a pretty sensible sort of bloke – both naturally and after being a chalkie for so many years (manual arts)!

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