More adventures with local wildlife..

Came back after lunch and a quick run after to the post office (STILL NO TEXTBOOK… breathe, breathe…) to find Miss Constance J. Woodle VERY keen to investigate the inaccessible area under the corner where Daddy’s two desks join.  Hmmmm.

OUT!  CONNIE, OUT!  Good Dog!

Much ducking about with torches and banging with sticks, followed by walling off the area with moving boxes (and swearing).  In these cases, my job is to hold the dog.

Cause of Miss C.J.’s interest was soon discovered:

Alllllllll the way in the furtherest corner...

A luvverly big blue-tongue lizard!  We like them.  They eat snails and slugs and generally if you have a bluey around, you don’t have snakes at the same time. YAY!

But he couldn’t stay in the shed. So Mr Beloved wrangled him into a box

So much for my new laptop packaging!

and from the box into a tub for a quick photo or three before release back over the fence.


He looks grumpy, but there was no threat behaviour from him – he didn’t flatten himself or poke out his lovely blue tongue – so the whole thing was more of an inconvenience than a problem.  They do stink when cornered, but that’s about it.  I hope he’ll be back in the yard before long (but not in the shed!)

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  1. Nadie used to breed blue tongues in a huge terrarium in her bedroom … until her allergist pointed out that people with compromised immune systems probably shouldn’t share sleeping quarters with things that shed their skins so regularly

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