Good Guys who weren’t, Harvey Norman FAILED, and Officeworks WORKED!

First real uni activity today – getting the student ID organised!  I can’t pick it up ’til Wednesday (it will be ready tomorrow but I have group therapy) so I have no idea if I’m stuck with a dorky photo for the entire year – let’s hope not.

The university is at the other end of town from where we live, so on the way home we knew we’d be buying the computer and assorted accessories for Caity’s Adventures at Big School. We’d done our comparison shopping online and had a pretty good idea of the beastie we wanted and the price we were going to pay.

This is what we looked like (although not as sweaty, since it was earlier in the day)

Ageing hippies in tie dye

Not dirty, not smelly, decently shod.  Hair and teeth brushed.  Respectable.

We stopped first at The Good Guys.  Don’t know why I’m even bothering to link to them since nobody in their store could even be bothered TALKING TO US.  They had one bloke on loss prevention at the door, about three cars besides ours in the car park and no staff in sight.  We looked around the laptops for a while, eventually saw a staffer serving someone else – he made no move to acknowledge our presence – so we left.


On up the car park to Harvey Norman,  a store we don’t particularly like anyway, and this time… well!  We enquired about the computer we’d seen online, with the very supercilious staffer sniffing “Oh no, there’s none of the $500 computers left after two weeks of our sale, here’s a $799 computer!”

FAIL!!  Why the hell would I want to even look at something for $300 more?

When we said again we’d seen the computer at their online store, he said disdainfully “Oh, that’s clearance store, we could have it delivered to this store if you like”

FAIL AGAIN!!  (Why would I have it delivered to your store, snotbag, when I could get it delivered to my door?)

(Actually, right as I’m typing this, their site claims that the same computer is in stock at the Toowoomba store – the shit of a salesperson didn’t even offer to check the stock!!)

Needless to say we left there, too.

Officeworks was on the way home.   We knew from our online research that they had the same laptop, and yep, they had it in stock.  Nice young chappie was very helpful, made sure we had the right gear, explained how the new system of preloaded MS-Office (that you then activate with a purchased card with a scratch-off number) worked, checked the price on the laptop bag I was looking at when it wasn’t clear on the shelf – yep, he got the $700-odd sale.

Home for lunch and then off to The Government Department Which Controls Our Lives – always stressful.  I am amazed by the calm of the people who work there – just in the short time I was there some idiot walked in with his pit bull dog (“Sir, you can’t bring your dog in, take it outside please”) and everybody blithely ignores the “Please turn off your mobile phone” sign.  After a half hour wait I handed in my form and that was it.

Then to the mall (Grand Central, it calls itself, but we know it as “Grump Central”) and I decided today was the day to do something about my glasses.  I bought them in August last year and the paint was peeling off the inside of the arms, and the metal bits that hold the nosepads on were very flimsy. Not good enough!  The staff mentioned they’d already had another pair returned with the same paint problem and offered to put my lenses in a new pair of the same frames on the spot.

I accepted.  The glasses have a two year warranty, and if the same problems happen again they’ve promised a different frame.  So well done, Specsavers – you’ll probably get my business again, after all!

All in all, a successful day.  Mr Beloved will do the configuring and making a big backup disk for the new computer tonight (always handy to have something in case the whole thing needs to reset to zero!)

And now – off to make tuna pie so we have something to eat for tea and I can take some to eat for my lunch at hospital tomorrow.  After a couple of weeks of experimenting, I’ve found that group therapy by itself is enough to my my anxious tummy upset – eating greasy cafeteria food that has been sitting in the hot cabinet for who knows how long can make me sick long into the night.  So now I take my own lunch, even though the health fund pays for the cafeteria lunch…


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