Busy busy busy busy!

Oh my goodness so busy and I’m not even into Orientation week yet!  That starts tomorrow although honestly, I’m TOO OLD for most of the O week kerfuffle – I’m going out tomorrow to get my student ID card and that’s about it.

I’ve been able to log on to my courses already (ah, the wonders of the steam age!) and changed my mind about what I was enrolling in and how may courses I should attempt  – arrrgh!  After much to-ing and fro-ing and general messing about – ONE.

One course this semester – it has 4 contact hours, and that doesn’t sound like very much, but combine that with the one day a week at group therapy and the other medical appointments and the expectation of at least 10 hours of private study to back up those 4 contact hours and  – well, that’s more than enough for my poor muddled brain.

(If you’re interested, it’s one of the courses in the recommended enrolment pattern for the Writing And Society major, CMS1010 “Introduction to Communication Studies”.  Yep.  More semiotics.)

I’ve already booked in for a “Super Library Session” on “Finding Information for Your Assignments” – anything that will give me a leg up!  Things have changed so DRASTICALLY since I last studied at this level – the sheer volume of online information, and referencing – sheesh, I have to know how to reference podcasts!  (I do know how, in the university approved Harvard referencing style. I looked it up.)

darn this newfangled technology!

So this week I have to buy a new laptop to take to uni (Or Big School, as we are jokingly referring to it in family conversations) and a bag to lug that around in.  Textbooks are on the way from bookdepository.co.uk, where they were $29 each instead of $39.90 each at the University bookshop (really, I can’t support the local shop when their price is so much higher – I can’t afford principles on the pension we live on!).

A visit to The Government Department Which Controls Our Lives is also on this list of chores this week *shudder* – just having to interact with them is stressful, even when they’re helping us.

And that’s about all the news that’s fit to print – except to mention that our poor old cat is failing.  She’s 15 and is starting to forget that she needs to leave the building before she goes to the loo… oh dear.  She’s been a lovely cat, and as soon as she shows any signs of suffering we’ll make sure they stop peacefully, but it’s going to be very hard to let her go.  She came to Mr Beloved as a tiny scrap of a kitten and they have been inseparable ever since – I think they have probably only spent a handful of nights apart.

Poor Connie will have to get used to being the only 4 footed furry for a while when Kit Tern goes…

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