So, it’s the rainy season here in South East Queensland and we’ve had a couple of really BIG storms in the last few days – Sunday we had a storm with 70 km/h winds and the rain coming in horizontally through the closed windows, and the rain showing up RED (intense!) on the Bureau of Meteorology’s radar.

Yesterday we watched the sky getting darker and a funny greenish colour, then BOOM!  No lights, no power, no phone lines.  Luckily the mobile phone network was still up, and the nice lady from Ergon Energy called to let me know that they couldn’t tell me how long the power would be out.  (I’m on their “Life Support” list – because I need the CPAP machine to sleep.  And it needs power.  I’ve thought about getting a back-up battery for it but they’re (ouch!) $560. )

We’ve had 54mm of rain so far this month according the rain gauge at the airport  but I’m sure that place must be in a rain shadow – our yard is definitely soggier than that!

Meanwhile:  Tuesday, group therapy day. Tough one today, some deep dark stuff came up, ugh.  And that’s all I want to say about that here.  Apart from that group therapy continues to be AMAZINGLY WORTHWHILE and I am incredibly fortunate that my health fund pays for it.

My darling Mr Beloved made a beautiful Valentine’s Day card for me this year (he does every year), but I haven’t checked if I have permission to share, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s creative and awesome.

And I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the paperwork to arrive from USQ so I can get officially enrolled and get organised looking for my second-hand textbooks etc!  Until I have a student ID I can’t take the next piece of paperwork to  The Government Department Which Controls Our Lives.


That’s  it from me. Have a random picture of a meerkat being given a bath, because I just remembered that I have to give the poodle a bath tomorrow (and no, that’s NOT a euphemism, for my more prurient readers, and yes I AM looking at you, ROBERT.)

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