When we last saw Our Heroine, she was Very Very Stressed.

I am getting better.  A bit.

I saw the lovely mental health nurse  (new to my Very Helpful Psychiatrist’s practice) on Monday and she helped me sort myself out.  I’m less anxious about having to take the anxi0lytic (for now) although I did have a panic attack at 3 am last night because I thought Connie had a tick. (Paralysis ticks are very common here at the moment and are deadly.) She didn’t, but it took me a while to settle back down.

Tuesday was group therapy day and as usual very helpful.  I am truly converted from sceptic to believer – things come up from other people in the group that you might not have been ready to deal with yourself, or even have realised were lurking at the back of your brain (or wherever it is they lurk in there) and it HELPS.  SO much.

But it’s exhausting, so Wednesdays are pretty much a bed day.  It was 1:30 before I woke up.

Gordy continues to recover well – but it’s a slow process.  Dad went over to pick him up for his doctor’s appointment yesterday only to find Gordy and his ute MISSING – oh noes!!  Turns out Gordy had decided the ute needed a drive to charge the battery and anyway he thought he’d drive over to the doctor’s to check what time the appointment was… bit of a shock when the doctor then told him he might not be able to drive for 6 months! OOPS!

Never have been able to stop him driving...

(we’ll see what his cardiologist says, Mum thinks the GP was being conservative.)  It’s tiring for Mum and Dad, too.  And Ju has started some new nursing training (yay!) and Hanneul turned TWENTY this week!

And – drum roll please…. I found out today that I got into university!

I’m going to be enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts (part time, on campus) at the University of Southern Queensland here in Toowoomba.  The plan is to only do one or two subjects a semester at most, and the aim isn’t so much to actually get a BA as to use my brain for something other than worrying, and to get out of the house. I’m hoping to enrol in the Writing and Society major (creative writing) – it’s a 12 unit interdisciplinary major – well, that’s the plan at this stage.

I’ve just looked up the textbooks for the first two units I’ll be doing – one is mandatory for all students (Introduction to Communication Studies) and the other is Introduction to Australian History.

And – *gasp* just priced the textbooks – I better be able to get some of them second-hand, because there is NO WAY I can afford them all new from the university bookshop!  Shopping around (through the wonderful I can get then for less but its still a LOT of money.  Oh dear.

One problem at a time…. breathe…. and right now, dinner.







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